Pelican Beach Resort honored by OUTSIDE

Kayak the tranquil tropical seas
OUTSIDE, America's leading active lifestyle brand, has selected Pelican Beach Resort as an honoree of their annual Travel Awards.  These awards celebrate travel that inspires people to participate in an active lifestyle.  Pelican Beach Resort, located on the South Water Caye in Belize, was honored with the title of "Best Beach in the World."  Not only is the area pristine, but the opportunities to kayak, dive, and snorkel give opportunities for active exploration.
Adventure Life is celebrating alongside Pelican Beach as we have proudly sent many of our own travelers to this tropical oasis.  Owned and operated by native Belizeans for over four decades, this resort is aligned with Adventure Life's efforts to use locally-owned operations whenever possible.  Experience Pelican Beach Resort for yourself on on of our Belize tours.