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Rainy day in Ambergris
Central America trip - The Conways Travel to Belize

Wet wet wet. Thoughts for another afternoon or snorkeling were quickly put down when we work up to the gray, wet morning. We decided to do a little wandering, and a little shopping for our family and friends back at home. From kitschy to high-end, there are plenty of shops to choose from in San Pedro. There is also an Internet Cafe in town; I resisted the urge to check my email, but there were plenty of other travelers who were not as strong as I was. I ordered a way too expensive coffee instead. The cafe also has an international call service: you can use their phone to call home… It was way too expensive – they were charging fifty cents a minute. Aaron and I did a little hunting and found another cafe with phone service for only ten cents a minute (along with a free cup of coffee I might add). So we called the kid in Minnesota who was thoroughly enjoying the spoils of being the only grandchild.

An extremely lax and quiet day, it was the perfect time for Aaron and I to "cool it" and just enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Belize and reconnect with each other.