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Zip-line Adventure

Iguana in the Costa Rican rainforestIguana in the Costa Rican rainforest (Doug McCallum)
We were also able to zip line through the tropical rain forest in a manner that was not commercialized at all. Our journey was very serene and I, not being one to care for heights, was able to take this trip and truly enjoy myself because of the beauty of where we were. Not only did I take the zip line twice that day, but also had the privilege of repeating the activity the day we were to leave to go rafting. Not a planned trip, but one of necessity, due to the fact that the river was too high to cross. So, imagine, you witness your luggage going across first, you follow, and then your husband, who is laughing hysterically at you due to the fact he knows that it was a huge fear factor in the first place! That alone will give us many years of laughs!

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