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Rosita's Ice Cream parlor in Ibarra!
Reflections: An Ecuadorian Journal

Jacqueline and Kathleen on both sides of the EquatorJacqueline and Kathleen on both sides of the Equator (Jacqueline Ball)
When Luis was a child his father would load the family up for a Sunday drive to the Otavalo Valley from their Quito home, and take the family to Rosita's. Luis's father said Rosita made the best ice cream and WOW. It's sorbet-like and the flavors are tropical fruits I'd never heard of. Three of us went in and ordered two scoops each of different flavors and then we traded tastes. There are 8 flavors, so when we finished Kathleen said we had to order one more dish to share the last two flavors. We were all grinning like crazy gringos-even Luis-when we marched up to the counter to order that last bowl. My friend is a wise woman-Dang. Now my mouth is watering!

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