Doors keep great secrets....
Betty Jaramillo
The highways in Peru are great ones, which you really value when you travel long distances. The most part of this day we spended travelling by the cost line, I should say it was still scary to see …
San Martin Square
Kenneth Nelson
The next morning when we enter, sleepy-eyed, into the breakfast room of the Reino del Plata, we encounter what will soon become a pattern: Bert, breakfast finished, smiling, and adventure-ready! …
Darwin s Toilet
Diane Meixner
Today we went to private property where there were empty tortoise shells on display, and of course one of the men from our boat had to try on the shell. We all laughed at his struggle to get …
Jayne Hope
At 4:30 in the afternoon land was spotted; land with snow and ice covering it. It was quite strange to travel for almost two complete days without seeing land. Imagine being in a city at the edge of …
El Condor passa
Margalit Ziv
• The morning was devoted to visit Christ the Redeemer, a 38 meter high statue who keeps an eye on Rio from an elevation of 710m (2340ft). Poor visibility spoiled otherwise great vista point. A …