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No blue skies in Lima!
Exploring Peru

Miraflores Shopping CenterMiraflores Shopping Center (Mindy Teini)
Due to the port location and the winter months, there is a thick cover of fog over all of Lima. Although the fog lifts slightly, it never actually burns off. We didn't see the sun for the entire time we spent there! The people are so aware of the depressing consequences of the fog that they have taken to painting the facades of building very bright colors. I say facades because in central Lima the property is so expensive that although the outsides look very posh, the insides have gone to the wayside, with crumbling walls and birds for inhabitants. The people that know me best will be shocked to read this! Although I am not one to 'stick to what I know' when it comes to food, I am also not one to go too far out on a limb (the limb might break and where would that leave me!) Tonight was definitely an adventure in food! We went to a wonderful restaurant called Huaca Pucllana. The atmosphere was incredible in this hidden gem of a place, you are eating dinner in an archeological site that dates back to pre-incan times! Although the surroundings are hard to beat, the food did not disappoint! Our host for the evening, Pepe, suggested that we try a few different selections from the appetizer list and then share a few main courses so we could experience all Lima has to offer! We left the choices up to him… Classic sea bass ceviche, marinated in lemon and chili, served with corn and sweet potatoes; skewered beef hearts, marinated with dry peppers, served with fried corn and potatoes; and Crunchy Yucca spirals (an Amazonian root vegetable) with huancaina, a creamy cheese and chili sauce. I ate it all, and actually enjoyed it! For Dinner we had Lomo Saltado, marinated strips of beef tenderloin sautéed with chili, onions, and tomatoes, and topped with french fries, risotto with shrimp, creole style, and stewed tripe, Don Arturo's style, with yellow chili pepper and fresh Peruvian herbs! We were all so full by the end of the dinner! I have been told that I will be bringing back more weight than I came with, and I honestly didn't see how that was possible before tonight! With amazing food like this, I am not sure how people go back to normal life!

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