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An End to our Time in Lima
Exploring Peru

being a fountain at Circuito Magico Del Aguabeing a fountain at Circuito Magico Del Agua (Mindy Teini)
We did see and do a lot in our short time in the Peruvian capital city: The zoo, a few pre-incan archeological sites, the Magic Water Circuit, the Larco Herrera museum, Miraflores District, Plaza de Armes with a less than climatic changing of the guards, a few churches and a few parks. All and all we were glad we had the time, but probably didn't need quite as much! We are heading off to Cusco tomorrow! The locals say it is magic, and that you can feel the energy! This will be our gateway to Machu Picchu, with a few other points of interest along the way!

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