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Rafting the Urubamba
Exploring Peru

rafting on the Urubambarafting on the Urubamba (Mindy Teini)
Rafting the Urubamba River was pretty low on my list of exciting things to do while in Peru. I have to admit, I have always been a little scared of rafting! This day turned out to be one of my favorites!! The rafting was so great, we had a wonderful guide named Willie, who knew every inch of the river. He had us surfing on rapids, having water fights with other rafters, and took us through some amazing rapids that I still can't believe I braved! After landing the raft we climbed up the bank to find our traditional BQQ dinner being unearthed! The aroma was intoxicating! While we were waiting for the final touches to be finished we went to plant a tree for the UN's 'Plant for the Planet" campaign. This is a campaign to help plant native trees and create community involvement with the hopes of combatting deforestation. After lunch, Pepe took me out on a horseback ride while the others did another hike. I think I may be a born equestrian! This was only my second time on horseback (even though I am from Montana), but I loved every minute of it. We could see the peak of Veronica in the distance as we followed the river twisting through the landscape. We waved at all the farmers in the area, everyone is so welcoming here!

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