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Cruising the Amazon
Exploring Peru

in the skiff on the Amazonin the skiff on the Amazon (Mindy Teini)
Onward to the Peruvian Amazon! After a day of flying we arrived in Iquitos to embark on our Amazon River Cruise. Ryan and I were greeted with a warm welcome and a bottle of champagne to celebrate our recent engagement! The Delfin II was beautiful! The floors had dolphins inlayed in them, the three deck levels were all easily accessible and surrounded by floor to ceiling window, except the top floor which was an open air area. Each of our meals would be served in the dining room, situated at the front of the boat so you could see exactly where you were heading and wouldn’t miss a thing. Almost every time we were in the dining room we saw the pink river dolphins breaching the surface of the Napo River. Our time on the ship was punctuated by frequent trips to the shore to visit villages, meet locals, or venture into the forest to try to see monkeys, sloths, spiders, and anything else the Amazon had to offer.

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