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Exploring Peru

baby sloth... oh so softbaby sloth... oh so soft (Mindy Teini)
There was a little boy walking around with a sloth hanging from his shirt. They told us that the mother had died, so they brought the baby in as a pet. I could hardly stand how cute he was, so I asked the young boy if I could hold it. The baby sloth was nearly weightless and so soft, it was one of my favorite moments! I didn’t want to give it back! We passed the baby around, but I think only a few people wanted to hold it! We had to head back to the ship so we could get moving again. Tonight we took a night canoe ride in search of Caimans. We went out just before dark and saw heaps and heaps of Cormorants taking flight as the boat got nearer. Once night fell, we had a light out and started looking for the eyes to shine red toward us. I have never wanted to NOT fall out of a boat so badly in my life!

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