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The End
Exploring Peru

Ryan and Mindy on the shipRyan and Mindy on the ship (Mindy Teini)
Today we head back to Napo to disembark the ship! It was sad to leave all the crew and our new friends. The Amazon was such an amazing experience, my favorite in Peru I think! As we started on our 2 hours transfer back to Iquitos we stopped at a manatee rescue facility to see what the local communities are doing to try to protect their environment. The facility was certainly a bit run down, but they were doing the best they could. We toured around and saw several manatees (mostly babies) in their tanks, and even saw an anteater names Theresa (she took a strong liking to Ryan). We even got to feed the baby manatees, which I can only liken to feeding a giant moving tire. We will fly back to Lima, and then onward back to Billings. I don't think I am ever actually ready to go back to real life!

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