Happy Thanksgiving from Antarctica!
Laurie Allread Antarctica Travel Blog

November 24, 2011

Our visit to the Adelie Penguin Colony was cut short by white conditions with 40 knots per hour winds. All passengers were on the island which was a ten minute helicopter ride from the icebreaker. After one hour on shore, the wind and snow flurries increased until the icebreaker was no longer visible from shore. By that time, we were spread out over a one mile stretch of beach. We hurried back to the three tents at base camp for warmth until the helicopters were able to return to the island to pick us up for our safe return to the ship. After returning to the ship we all were thankful for our brief but real Antarctica experience!

Antarctica - photo by Laurie Allread Antarctica - photo by Laurie Allread

(This is Laurie's fourth visit to Antarctica. She is blogging her way through this epic month-long Antarctica cruise; the Kapitan Khlebnikov's Ross Sea Centennial Voyage. Tune in for daily updates from the field. Pictures from Laurie's past Antarctica travels are found on her website.)