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Carocal and beyond......
Our Beautiful Belize Trip!

Meadow at Pooks HillMeadow at Pooks Hill (Laurie Shacknove)
This morning we started out on another adventure off to Carocal, Rio Frio Cave, and then the Rio on Pools for an afternoon dip.
To get to Carocal, we cross a river via ferry, up a hill, then stopping at a Military location for an escorted drive down to Caracol. Before we leave for the excort area for Caracol, we go to Rio Frio Cave. Such a nice surprise and so pretty. Then off to Caracol, driving down many roads where we saw wild turkeys, and again other birds. We finally arrive at Caracol. So worth the drive. Francisco our guide is so knowledgeable to indigenous plants, and the history of Caracol he made our tour so interesting and fun. After Caracol, off to Rio on Pools, for a nice cool, refreshing dip. Best of all days on our trip. Oh and we were rockin the tunes on the way back to Pooks Hill....

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