Photos from Antarctica expedition aboard the Ocean Diamond: awesome wildlife, amazing vistas, diverse weather.

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King penguins examine a cameraWandering around downtownVast landscapeRuins of huts in AntarcticaSnow dustedAntarctica reflected

Our trip to Antarctica aboard the Quark Ship Ocean Diamond.

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Fin del mundo; end of the worldIf they loose us in these its on purposeThe Ocean Dimmond waiting for usNadia at the Helm Shakelton, Velda and ScottVelda and Steve on last excursion

Fantastic voyage aboard the MV Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula. Great crew, great food. 12 landings and perfect weather for the trip of a lifetime (so far).

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Penguins everywherePenguins everywherePenguins everywherePenguins everywhereGentoo penguins everywhereThe Ushuaia

After visiting Peru three years ago, I returned with my daughter to hike the Inca Trail.

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Biking through PeruExploring the cobbled streetsExploring the cobbled streetsExploring the cobbled streetsModern ruins?

Trip below the Antarctic circle on board the Ioffe with kayak option.

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Trip to AntarcticaTrip to AntarcticaTrip to AntarcticaTrip to AntarcticaTrip to AntarcticaTrip to Antarctica
Yacutinga Fireplace
Yacutinga Lodge recently received the distinction of becoming the FIRST ecolodge in Argentina to be verified by Rainforest Alliance.  This reflects the lodge's commitment to operate …
Mount Etna Free Image
Mount Etna has always been known as Europe's most active volcano.  Recently, Travel + Leisure magazine named it one of the "Newest Wonders of the World".  This week, however, …
Holiday Traditions Edited
Have you ever wondered what other cultures are doing while we are decorating cookies, hanging ornaments on trees, and writing to Santa?  Here are a few interesting holiday traditions in …
Friendly Sloth
Your friends will be happy this holiday!   Apparently, we are not the only ones who are travel enthusiasts.  According to the UN World Tourism Organization, international travel was 5% …
Office Christmas Tree 2013
Recently, our office had the opportunity to serve some people in need here in our hometown of Missoula.  Adventure Life partnered with Lowell Elementary School to provide holiday gifts and …
Feeling the rush of the rapids during a whitewater rafting trip in Costa Rica
Costa Rica's summer-rain means rivers are full & rafting is awesome! Summer's here and it's rainy season in Costa Rica. But while a few rainy afternoons might keep some travelers away, there are …
A taste of Peru travel: Delicious Alfajores! Alfajores, crispy cookie sandwiches, are enjoyed throughout Latin America. Many regions have their own local spin on these delicate sugar cookies …
Intricate alfombras line the streets of Antigua during Guatemala's Easter Festivals The spectacular Easter festivals in Antigua, Guatemala are beyond comparison to anything in the northern …
A View of Granada
Nicaragua travel is finally coming into its own. Want to go? Nicaragua travel is gearing up for a successful 2013. It is drawing a lot of attention from the tour industry and both the …
Shan Jiang
It is unseasonably warm today on this December day... high of 72!  I guess this is a preview of the lovely summer weather we will encounter to Patagonia.  So many considerations to take …
Footprints in the sand
Marissa Jensen
Today is our last full day here.  This morning we head to the very touristy shops at the end of the beach to bargain our way to some deals for families and friends back home. This afternoon, …
Pamela Knowles
Jan 8th Tuesday Deception Island and Yankee Harbor Cruised through the biggest channel during the night so Pam slept through the part that made her sick last time.  Deception Island is a …
Pamela Knowles
Jan 7th  Monday Port Lockroy (UK)  and  Jougla Pt to Neko Harbor They split our landing again, one group to Jougla Island that had Gentoos and Cormorants nesting, along with a whale …
Pamela Knowles
Jan 6th Sunday – Yalour Island and Wordie House and Vernadsky (Ukrainian research center that is still operating today.) and BBQ night. After breakfast we had a 9:00 launch to Yalour Island …