Waking Up In Antarctica

Nik & Dusty are in awe of AntarcticaNik & Dusty are in awe of Antarctica (Nik & Dusty Green)

We planned a trip to Antarctica for two of our favorite Adventure Lifers, Nikki & Dusty.  They captured some absolutely amazing video footage that would convince almost anyone that this destination MUST go on the "to-visit" list.  Check out the videos below for a glimpse into their journey to the end of the world.

Nik & Dusty are doing the penguin dance as they arrive to the Great White Continent!  Their experience begins with a zodiac ride through Neko Harbour, seeing seals & penguins for the first time of the trip, tasting Ukranian vodka at Vernadsky Station, and finding giants in Wilhelmina Bay.  See Nik & Dusty's dreamy initial experiences in Antarctica by watching this video

Nik & Dusty's Antarctica trip on the IoffeNik & Dusty's Antarctica trip on the Ioffe (Nik & Dusty Green)

Then, let the journey continue and share even more of their unreal moments on the bottom of the world.  Stepping foot on the continent surpasses every expectation and grants a deeper personal experience with the magic of Antarctica.  A magic one can only know by being there...

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