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Yellow-crowned Night Heron, pencil
Staci Edwards
Floreana had unique features.  There was a giant, gnarly mangrove tree that dominated the crescent shaped shoreline.  Erosion had made a secondary type of cliff, where a Blue footed …
Galapagos hawk, acrylics
Staci Edwards
Our new guide was Julian, and he was knowledgeable and friendly.  We were still in good hands!  Our group disembarked by a small lighthouse.  Walking the path was made even trickier …
Staci Edwards
Cerro Brujo.  This is what is left of a tuff cone.  (That is where the lava enters a very cold ocean, causing an explosion.  It creates a different shape.)  This is also one of …
Galapagos tortoise, pencil
Staci Edwards
Next stop: Punta Pitt, San Cristobal!We had a leisurely walk on a strangely colored, greenish beach, made so by olivine crystals in the sand.  Lava lizards abound.  We then turned …
Me and my sleepy friend!
Staci Edwards
Galapagos, October, 2015I cannot describe to you how fortunate I feel, to be invited to explore more of these mysterious islands.  And how strange and marvelous the circumstances!  To be …

The pictures tell the story of my amazing adventure in Antarctica. We visited the far flung islands of the South Sandwich, communed with hundreds of thousands of penguins on South Georgia Island, …

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Falkland IslandsFalkland IslandsFalkland IslandsFalkland IslandsFalkland IslandsFalkland Islands
Cruising the Kinabatangan River
:   Borneo has great beaches for sipping straight from a coconut With pygmy elephants, orangutans, Atlas moths and the world's biggest flower, it's hard to imagine Borneo's …
My first sighting of Bornean pygmy elephants!
   My first sighting of Bornean pygmy elephants! As an avid nature program follower (hence my Attenborough enthusiasm), I thought I had a pretty good handle on the fauna of …
An orangutan enjoys his breakfast above the Sukau Rainforest Lodge in Borneo
An orangutan enjoys his breakfast above the Sukau Rainforest Lodge in Borneo I wearily boarded a Malaysian Airlines flight, cut across the northern peninsula of Borneo and landed in the busy, …
Cotopaxi volcano blows smoke, 2015
Avid, amateur, or iPhone photographers UNITE!  You have an amazing photo opportunity in Ecuador right now.  Cotopaxi volcano is currently blowing smoke, as well as excitement, into the air. …
Mount Kinabalu spans six vegetation zones from lowland rainforest to alpine scrub
Mount Kinabalu spans six vegetation zones from lowland rainforest to alpine scrub   Borneo is an island of extremes.  Flanked by exquisite coral reefs and white sand beaches, tropical …

Betty from our Adventure Life Ecuador office has finally made it to visit us in Montana! We were so excited to host Betty and her family for the past week as they explored the beautiful Northwest …

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Located in Southern Europe and situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula, mainland Greece and the Greek Isles encompass an area of 131,940 square kilometers, which is comparable to the …
Colombia, is a colorful, vibrant, Spanish speaking country located in northern South America. Colombia tours open up a destination which has remained largely undiscovered for many years. Colombia has …
The North Pole brings to mind a stark land of cold, snow, and polar bears (and perhaps visions of Santa and Mrs. Claus and a group of hard-working elves). Visiting this remote region is a trip of …
Costa Rica is a tiny country unlike any other. This Central American country, about the size of Delaware, is situated between Panama and Nicaragua, enjoys a history of peace and stability, and …
Uruguay is a small country nestled between Argentina and Brazil. It boasts a beautiful coastline along the Atlantic with beaches, sand dunes, and the occasional clear blue lagoon. Most of the …

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