A visit to the unique world of the Galapagos Islands.

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Wildlife of the Galapagos IslandsWildlife of the Galapagos IslandsWildlife of the Galapagos IslandsWildlife of the Galapagos IslandsWildlife of the Galapagos IslandsWildlife of the Galapagos Islands

Never attempt to arrive late at night by plane to Quito, Ecuador. Notice I say attempt: Fog envelopes the city, the plane circles until nearly out of fuel, and then the machine makes a quick scamper …

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Our Galapagos trip combined adventure (snorkeling with sharks, sea turtles, &sealions), geology (volcanoes), zoology, history (Darwin), folklore (murder & intrigue), culture, & rest. But …

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Go ahead. I'm ready. Take my picture.Land IguanaMorning snack time for Land IguanaGive me a minute. I\'m just trying to warm up! Marine Iguana ready to face the day.Where did they get that amazing color?!?Boy or girl? Look at the eyes.

For me one of my best experiences in my life.....Galapagos is perfect on the Angelito yacht !!!! The guide Maja was excellent !!!! The food, The crew was fantastic !!! I want to come back again !!!

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Wildlife of the Galapagos islandsA curious sea lionPuerto AyoraLooking across the harbotPelican in the GalapagosTree in the Galapagos

From June to September whales come to Ecuador for mating season. IS great to see their dances in the water. The area around is amazing, archeology, landscapes, culture, history, traditions, Panama …

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Whale dance!Welcoming road.....Just imaging to get that close to the huge whales.Fragata at the Isla de La PlataBlue footed bobie at the Isla de la Platamasked boobies at Isla de la Plata

I am including a selected number of photos i took while I was on my tour. Enjoy.

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Every year the Millennium is hauled out of the water for complete maintenance. Here it is in Guayaquil's boat yard in February 2009.

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The classic steering wheel gets referubishedMillenium in the Galapagos before her voyage to QuayaquilZodiacs ferry staff out to the boat for the tripCruising along the red sand beaches of Rabida IslandLeaving Galapagos with Ecuadorian flag flying proudlyArriving in Guayaquil

Tanner picked a trip to Ecuador and even though his older brother and dad did not want to go we had an amazing experience that no one will ever forget and we had it together!

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Overlooking the GalapagosEnjoy spectacular views of Quito during a gondola rideEnjoying the view, and breakfast!Together in QuitoMeeting a pile of iguanas
The iconic feet of the Blue-Footed Booby
A brief history of human impact on the Galapagos Islands The Galapagos first appeared on maps around 1570 with various explorers making stops but never settling on the islands.  Whalers and …
Spend the holidays on holiday
Thinking about all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season could stress you out...even in July. Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you actually had a break during your time off? How great would …
Traveler equipment
Before embarking on a journey, you put a lot of effort into deciding where to go, preparing, and researching.  While taking the time to organize a trip, why not plan to see TWO …
Me and one of my many friends
Enchanted Galapagos Wondering why Darwin's Enchanted Isles are one of the most fascinating travel destinations on Earth?  In no other corner of the world can travelers hike in search of …
Galapagos Tortoise close up
The Directory of the Galapagos National Park is currently remodeling the giant tortoise breeding center, Fausto Llerena.  This center is popular among visitors to the Charles Darwin Research …