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Every June Ecuador celebrates in all the highlands the Corpus Christi. The major festivities takes place in Pujili, mainly in two days. The first one is a mestizo celebration and the second day is …

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Dancers in the Corpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorThe Corpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorDancers in the Corpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorCorpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorCorpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorCorpus Christi Festival in Pujili, Ecuador

Spending a week onboard the expedition vessel Atmosphere was an incredible experience, the ultimate catch-and-release that I will never forget. The service was first-class, prompt and one step ahead …

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Pre-boarding treats at the private marinaWaiting to boardMy cabin on the AtmosphereComing in for a landingShip CabinLoading on the rib boat for our excursion to the hotsprings
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Though I've traveled to nearly 50 countries, I was not in a hurry to visit Hawaii. I always pictured it to be a mass tourist destination full of tacky souvenir shops and overcrowded beaches. I knew …

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After work, I joined my wife and raced to the airport, where after a lengthy trip, arrived in Belize City. They opened the airliner and the humidity was the first thing we met. While the temperature …

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Toucan! Belize in black and whiteHuts on the waterHome, sweet homeExploring the ruinsKayaking down the river

On this Asia cruise we sailed the Sea of Japan and the Yellow and South China Seas, winding our way around islands and down a coastline that has enticed explorers, adventurers, conquerors and kings …

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Photos from Antarctica expedition aboard the Ocean Diamond: awesome wildlife, amazing vistas, diverse weather.

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King penguins examine a cameraWandering around downtownVast landscapeRuins of huts in AntarcticaSnow dustedAntarctica reflected