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Ashley and Cody experienced the wonderful hospitality of the quaint Haciendas of Ecuador on their trip. Then the were off to visit the Galapagos and take in the extraordinary wildlife of the islands …

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Horseback ridingHorseback ridingHorseback ridingWaterfallExploring

Trip below the Antarctic circle on board the Ioffe with kayak option.

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Trip to AntarcticaTrip to AntarcticaTrip to AntarcticaTrip to AntarcticaTrip to AntarcticaTrip to Antarctica

My husband and I went on an adventure to Dahab along the Red Sea. We went diving and snorkeling. Then back to Cairo to explore Coptic and Islamic Cairo. We finished it off with the market at Khan …

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Birthday breakfast in Dahaba very happy 27th birthday with my espressoThe boardwalk in DahabOut our balcony at the Penguin hotelChristina Beach HotelOur room at Christina Beach Hotel

We wanted to explore non touristic areas of Ecuador and drove south for a few days finding magical places, wonderful views, amazing people, hidden nature... look forward to going again soon!!!

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View of the Sangay National Park when driving byDon Baltazar, the last ice worker of the ChimborazoInside the Sangay National ParkMap of the Sangay National ParkSangay National Park lakeWonderful views from the highway

Every June Ecuador celebrates in all the highlands the Corpus Christi. The major festivities takes place in Pujili, mainly in two days. The first one is a mestizo celebration and the second day is …

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Dancers in the Corpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorThe Corpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorDancers in the Corpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorCorpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorCorpus Christi Festival in Pujili, EcuadorCorpus Christi Festival in Pujili, Ecuador

Spending a week onboard the expedition vessel Atmosphere was an incredible experience, the ultimate catch-and-release that I will never forget. The service was first-class, prompt and one step ahead …

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Pre-boarding treats at the private marinaWaiting to boardMy cabin on the AtmosphereComing in for a landingShip CabinLoading on the rib boat for our excursion to the hotsprings

Here are some facts from my trip: 13 Countries in 30 days. By Air 11032 miles. By sea miles 1026 miles. By Train 385 miles. Car 3907 miles. Total Miles Traveled 16284. Total pictures taken 1430. It …

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Ecocamp in Torres del Paine National Park In this world of vanishing wilderness, we invite you to explore our remote Patagonia with the least ecological impact possible; to trek in virgin beech …

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Thanks to Adventure Life, I had an amazing time with my young kids in Egypt. Everything went off without a hitch. From the food to the transportation, the experience was perfect.

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Swimming pool at Conrad Hotel in CairoMosaic patterns on the dome ceiling
Snorkel the reef
Belize travel: Choose a reef-safe sunscreen to help prevent coral bleaching. We just received an email from one of our travelers, Mike Jarosick, who returned from a trip to Belize. Sharing our … It's an exciting new year for us at Adventure Life in our new office! Last fall Adventure Lifers packed up our belongings and headed across town to set up residence in …
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On a journey to explore the most unique places while trekking through this globe sustainably, I have decided to share my stories from the past and present which may help inspire you to do the …