Chiapas, Baja, Oaxaca, Yucatan, Copper Canyon

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Copper Canyon RailroadClose encounter with a gray whale in BajaBaja kayakingBaja whale watchingStreet-side cafeWhales in Baja

Ashley and Cody experienced the wonderful hospitality of the quaint Haciendas of Ecuador on their trip. Then the were off to visit the Galapagos and take in the extraordinary wildlife of the islands …

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Horseback ridingHorseback ridingHorseback ridingWaterfallExploring

Our Galapagos trip combined adventure (snorkeling with sharks, sea turtles, &sealions), geology (volcanoes), zoology, history (Darwin), folklore (murder & intrigue), culture, & rest. But …

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Go ahead. I'm ready. Take my picture.Land IguanaMorning snack time for Land IguanaGive me a minute. I\'m just trying to warm up! Marine Iguana ready to face the day.Where did they get that amazing color?!?Boy or girl? Look at the eyes.

We wanted to explore non touristic areas of Ecuador and drove south for a few days finding magical places, wonderful views, amazing people, hidden nature... look forward to going again soon!!!

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View of the Sangay National Park when driving byDon Baltazar, the last ice worker of the ChimborazoInside the Sangay National ParkMap of the Sangay National ParkSangay National Park lakeWonderful views from the highway

Some photos taken on my trip to Ecuador in January 2010.

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The beautiful AmazonOdd bugHome in EcuadorEcuadorian nightlifeEcuadorian nightlife

Did the Belize - Reefs and Cayes 8 days trip with my brother. We had a great time.

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Enjoying the view of the Carribean Sunset on the beach in BelizeA pelican rests in a palm treeA fish-cleaning shack on the beach Frigate birds Setting out to kayak in the Carribean!

I spent two weeks in the Argentinean Northwest: Salta and Jujuy!!

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Welcome to Cafayate!!Cafayate´s Vineyards! Enjoying at Cafayate Wine Resort!Route to Cachi...

From June to September whales come to Ecuador for mating season. IS great to see their dances in the water. The area around is amazing, archeology, landscapes, culture, history, traditions, Panama …

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Whale dance!Welcoming road.....Just imaging to get that close to the huge whales.Fragata at the Isla de La PlataBlue footed bobie at the Isla de la Platamasked boobies at Isla de la Plata

Every year the Millennium is hauled out of the water for complete maintenance. Here it is in Guayaquil\'s boat yard in February 2009.

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The classic steering wheel gets referubishedMillenium in the Galapagos before her voyage to QuayaquilZodiacs ferry staff out to the boat for the tripCruising along the red sand beaches of Rabida IslandLeaving Galapagos with Ecuadorian flag flying proudlyArriving in Guayaquil
Hanging out in the sand with some wildlife
Elizabeth Conway
Julia and her mom, Sue, lounging with sea lions in the Galapagos Happy Mother's Day! In celebration of the day's holiday, I thought I'd share one of my favorite mother-daughter trip journals. …