Hotel La Casona

Enjoy the city and mountain views from the private balconies
Guests will enjoy modern amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi and ensuite bath facilities
Inner atriums and courtyards offer places of retreat
Parquet floors and gabled roofs are the setting for comfortable accommodations
Suites with kitchenettes are available
The restaurant offers a rich history and unique dining experience
Each room is uniquely situated in this historic building
Hotel La Casona
Hotel La Casona

Originally a portion of La Casona was a part of the Convent San Francisco, and after years of meticulous restoration the XVII century jewel has been renovated to a boutique hotel to fortunate guests to La Paz, Bolivia. Guests have the feeling that as they walk through their stone yards, terraces, bell towers, stables and balconies, they go back on time. During the restoration of this boutique hotel, typical regional elements of the Bolivian culture were used such as aguayos cloths, quinua grains, wood, pewter, etc. La Casona is proud to show the creativity and ability of local artisans combined with the modern amenities travelers have come to expect.

La Casona is unique, with rich historical ambiance as well as superb integration into the city of La Paz. From the balconies observe the mountains surrounding the city, as well as views of the main city avenues. These are the site of folkloric dances take place which are very much enjoyed by visitors to Bolivia.

Hotel Amenities
La Casona Cafe Restaurant
Originally the gatehouse for carriages, it was at one time renovated to be a roadside motel before being utitlized as a family chapel. Today guests will enjoy a daily buffet breakfast, as well as Mediterranean and regional dishes for lunch and diner. While dining in this historic setting the niches that have sheltered the religious icons can still be viewed.

Saloon "La Caballeriza"
Once the shelter for the compound horses, this bar area offers a wide variety of refreshments in a richly historical setting. After a day of exploration unwind here with friends in the shelter of one of the main pillars and La Casona's foundation.

Terraces of the Bell Tower
Aligned with the church's original atrium, these unique terraces are the most preferred areas for sun bathing in the boutique. From this vantage point the urban topography of the city can be viewed, the city center and its daily life, as well as the side hill houses hanging on the mountains slopes.

Hotel Accommodations
The guest rooms at Boutique La Casona are uniquely decorated with pride in Bolivia's history. Each room is equipped with modern conveniences such as complimentary Wi-Fi, plasma TVs and ensuite bath facilities. Decorated with textiles, parquet floors and gabled roofs. All rooms and suites at La Casona are fitted with fans, air conditioning and heating, and all of them have private balconies overlooking the city.

Historical Relevance
La Casona has endured the passage of time despite several opposed circumstances, a fact which is heartily celebrated by La Casona. In many senses this living testimony is an extraordinary example not only of colonial architecture and local history, but of the perdurable identity, essence and startling spirit of Chuquiago Marka (pre-colonial name of La Paz City). Boutique Hotel La Casona is proud to contribute to the establishment of the Historic-Touristic Center of the beloved city of La Paz.