Hotel Rosario del Lago

Hotel Rosario del Lago
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Copacabana is a pilgrimage center for the people of Bolivia who come to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Candelaria to show their devotion. It is also the crossroads of the tourist routes between Cusco and La Paz for visiting pre-Incaruins and is also the starting point for visits to the Island of the Sun, the birthplace of the Inca Empire.

The Hotel Rosario del Lago wants to accompany you on your adventure tours with a warm, cozy environment and exceptional service on the part of its personnel within the hotel and its restaurant.

The hotel is situated in a perfect location for travelers overlooking the bay, an ideal setting for enjoying the views of the lake and the incomparable sunsets.

The Hotel Rosario del Lago offers a unique combination of hospitality, local charm and colonial architecture which respects the surroundings and combines harmoniously with the landscape and the local architecture.