La Estancia Lodge

Solar Collectors
Agricultural terraces and the cottages
Cottages in Ecolodge La Estancia
Aymara Chaman in Island of the Sun
Terraces in the ecolodge
Chinkana Ruins
Port of Yumani
Solar panels
Huatia - A traditional Andean food

Enjoy a stay at Ecolodge La Estancia! An ideal destination in one of the most mystic places of the Andean regions. Ecolodge La Estancia embraces its cultural history and sustainable practices make this ecolodge an unforgettable stay!

Traditional Andean architecture has been conserved by utilizing stone, adobe bricks, thatch roofs and preservation of existing terraces. Built on the principle of sustainable tourism, each of the 15 cottages are built in the local Andean style. All rooms have incredible views of the lake and the Cordillera Real of the Andes. Use of passive solar energy heats water and the cottages through the Trombe method. A comfortable restaurant and bar await with great views of the lake and snow-capped mountains.