Brazil Extensions

Araras EcoLodge Adventure (5 day)

This active itinerary allows travelers to explore the Pantanal region of Brazil by day and relax at Araras EcoLodge in the evenings. The lodge has a variety of activities for its guests to choose from, including canoeing, horsebackriding, trekking, and more. View the exotic wildlife of the jungle as you experience Pantanal with a knowledgeable guide. Plentiful in adventure, Araras EcoLodge Adventure delights guests seeking to experience the Pantanal on their Brazil tour.

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Bonito (4 day)

Bonito is a charming Brazilian village which features adventure in several forms. The area is famed for its crystal-clear river, Rio de Prata, which delights travelers with its tropical aquatic wildlife. There are also unique cave formations and rappelling sites. Known as the "Caribbean of the Central-West," Bonito is sure to delight travelers as they tour Brazil. This is a great Brazil trip extension for travelers going to a Pantanal lodge.

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Caiman Ecological Refuge (4 day)

On this Brazil tour, visit Caiman Ecological Refuge, a pioneering ecological destination and a treasure of the Southern Pantanal. During your stay, immerse yourself in the lush, tropical vegetation of this important region, and become acquainted with the array of wildlife that call the refuge 'home.' Caiman provides the utmost in comfort in the midst of a truly pristine and uniquely Brazilian landscape. A great Brazil trip for wildlife viewing in the Pantanal.

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Cristalino Jungle Lodge (5 day)

Designed for nature lovers, this Brazil tour takes you into the heart of the Amazon to Cristalino Jungle Lodge. Recognized for its exemplary commitment to sustainability and Brazilian authenticity, Cristalino provides an oasis of comfort in the midst of a pristine jungle wilderness. Throughout your Brazil Amazon trip, immerse yourself in the diverse flora and fauna of this important region as you enjoy the many activities available at Cristalino Lodge.

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Fernando de Noronha (5 day)

Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago located off of Brazil's northwest coast, epitomizes the term 'island paradise.' Home to some of the world's most pristine, picturesque beaches, Fernando de Noronha is the perfect destination for travelers seeking an authentic Brazilian experience in a tropical setting unparalleled in beauty. This five day Brazil tour offers a range of activities designed to highlight the best of the archipelago. This Brazil trip can be customized to your interests and preferences with activities ranging from hiking, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and wildlife viewing. Fernando de Noronha is a great escape during your Brazil holiday.

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Highlights of Rio (4 day)

Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant city that is tucked between the densely-forested mountains and the white sand beaches. "The Marvelous City" is a highlight for a Brazil tour and a great destination all year-around for a vacation in Brazil. Visit the mountaintops of Corcovado and Sugarloaf, two of Rio's iconic peaks, and stroll the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. We provide private Rio de Janeiro tours that can be customized to your travel styles and preferences to make this a special trip to Brazil. And plan enough free time to enjoy the music, culture, cuisine, nightlife, and festivals that make Rio de Janeiro such a special place.

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Iguazu Falls - Brazil and Argentina (3 day)

Iguazu Falls, where over 275 distinct cascades tumble through lush subtropical forest, is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in South America. The falls straddle the border between Argentina ("Iguazu" in Spanish) and Brazil ("Iguaçu" in Portuguese), and we'll explore both sides to get different perspectives of this natural marvel during this Iguazu Falls tour. Add Iguazu Falls to any Brazil and Argentina tours.

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Ilha Grande (4 day)

The tropical island of Ilha Grande features 80 miles of coastline and endless opportunities to explore. The small size of this island creates an intimate Brazil trip, granting access to pristine beaches, secluded grottos, and flawless kayaking. The emerald-green waters of Ilha Grande entice travelers, but it is the warm hospitality of Vila do Abraao, the island's largest town, which makes them feel at home during this trip to Brazil's famous Ilha Grande.

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Jericoacoara (4 day)

The small coastal village of Jericoacoara is charming, inspirational, and reminiscent of its past. Beautiful and friendly, "Jeri" treats travelers to sandy beaches, pristine views of the ocean, and leisurely days. But don't let its laid-back atmosphere fool you! Horseback riding, surfing, and sand-boarding are available for the adventurous-at-heart! Let Jericoacoara sweep you away while on a tour of Brazil.

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Paraty (4 day)

Paraty is a charming seaside town nestled in lovely Costa Verde, a region endowed with coastal mountains, lush rainforest, sparkling lagoons, and tropical islands. Paraty's romantic, colonial atmosphere has been preserved over the centuries since its foundation in the 17th century. Soak in the authentic Brazilian ambiance during your Brazil vacation to Paraty of historic downtown, explore nearby Serra da Bocaina National Park, and take in the beauty of spectacular Bay of Paraty on this four day Brazil tour.

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Salvador de Bahia (4 day)

Salvador de Bahia is a lively city on Brazil's northeast coast, rich in cultural diversity and historical significance. Throughout this four day Brazil tour, travelers will experience the best of charming Salvador and its enchanting, surrounding coastal region. Combine your trip to Salvador with other destinations for a complete Brazil trip.

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