Pousada Naquela

Enjoy your stay at the lovely Pousada Naquela
Relax in your suite at Pousada Naquela
Take a swim in Pousada Naquela's refreshing pool
Relax and play games in the charming Pousada Naquela
Explore the beautiful grounds of  Pousada Naquela
The grounds of  Pousada Naquela
Explore the beautiful grounds of  Pousada Naquela
Enjoy your stay at  Pousada Naquela
 Pousada Naquela
Relax by the pool at  Pousada Naquela on your Brazil tour

The charming Pousada Naquela is located a short distance from La Malhada beach, located in Jericoacoara. The hotel's secluded location and local appeal makes it an ideal place for travelers to rest while on a Brazil vacation.

The Jericoacoara hotel features several apartments and 6 chalets, depending on the size of your travel group. Each room is comfortable and modern, offering large windows and balconies from which to admire the sea and forest surroundings.

The Pousada also offers an outdoor rest area, which is private to guests and features soft green gardens and a small creek. There is a swimming pool, bar, deck solarium, zen space, and hammocks under the trees. The rest area is a wonderful place to unwind after a day of exploring Jericoacoara. Guests are delighted with the hotel's unique landscape and optional activities, such as horseback riding and wind surfing.

*Comfortable indoor and outdoor lobby
*Internet access
*Upstairs restaurant
*Room Service
*Private gardens
*Swimming pool with deck solarium, bar and shower
*Zen space and hammocks
*Wind and kite surfing storage