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Adventure Life
About to go kayaking with my son
Adventure Life
A snorkeler walking along a white sandy beach.
Adventure Life
Snorkelers interacting with a friendly whale shark.
Leeward Islands Cuisine
With such an ethnic melting-pot to draw on, it is not surprising that the cuisine of the Leeward Islands is rich and varied. It is influenced by native Caribbean heritage as well as African, French, …
Leeward Islands Politics
Montserrat and Anguilla are separate British overseas territories. In Anguilla there were rebellions and a short-lived unilateral declaration of independence in the late 1960s, when the citizens …
Leeward Islands Weather
The Leeward Islands enjoy a tropical climate, tempered by the northeasterly trade winds. There is little seasonal variation, although the second half of the year, the wet season, is rainier and …
Leeward Islands Geography
The Leeward Islands are a part of the northern section of the Lesser Antilles islands of the Caribbean. Anguilla (18 15N, 63 10 W) is the most northerly of the cluster, and Montserrat (16 45 N, 62 12 …
Leeward Islands Overview
The Leeward Islands earned their name because they lie in the lee of the wind: the prevailing trade winds are blowing towards them from the east north east. They are situated near the meeting point …