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Spanish Virgin Islands Cruise on the Arabella

Today is Holly’s (crew member) birthday. A slow cruise on a cloudy day is perfect for passengers to gather on deck and converse. The topic of conversation is boating. Rental of catamarans are now sail-less for beginner sailors. We are a very amiable group. We enter White Bay, Jost Van Dyke. The shadows cast by the sails lessen the effects of the high humidity. After lunch, we make a wet landing at Ivan’s bar. Ivan’s is separated from the other bars, notably the Soggy Dollar Bar by an outcropping of rocks. We follow a path to this famous side for a photo shoot. Back to the quiet side we seek out chairs and loungers. Our rafts prove perfect for a float among the waves.

All are on board to sail to the next bay, Great Harbor, and Foxy’s for our last dinner. The Friday barbecue bash of chicken, fish and ribs etc. is crowded with people. An excellent guitar player strums a mellow medley of tunes. The wild and loud bends are at the other end of the dirt road.