Virgin Islands Travel Articles

Hike through meadows and ruins on St. Johns
Adventure Life
Snorkel the pristine waters of the Caribbean on your Virgin Islands cruise
Adventure Life
Pelicans hanging out in the ocean
Virgin Islands Politics
As part of the United States, the US Virgin Islands are an organized, but unincorporated territory of the US. The islanders are considered US citizens, but they cannot vote in the US Presidential …
Cuisine of the Virgin Islands
The restaurants in the islands are a combination of American and traditional Caribbean forms of serving food. For example, you might see a Subway or McDonalds next door to more local restaurants …
Wildside of the Virgin Islands
The island of St. John is a place to find beautiful and exotic animals, coral, and plants. Frogs, gecko, anole and iguana lizards are among some of the animals on the various islands. There are over …
Virgin Islands Environment
The environment of the Virgin Islands is laid back yet very diverse. There are the amazing coral reefs to explore, mountains to hike, and villages to discover. The islanders understand the importance …
A Geographical look at the Virgin Islands
Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the Virgin Islands are about 40 to 50 miles east of Puerto Rico. There are 4 larger islands and over 50 smaller ones covering over 133 square …
The Cultural Side of a Virgin Islands Cruise
Visitors to the Virgin Islands will enjoy the mixture of Caribbean and American cultures demonstrated in everything from the islanders clothing to the music. Western style of dress is predominant …