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June 10 - Rio Macal and Xunantunich
Adventures in Belize 2012

Our day began with our bumpy ride to Xunantunich. We toured and hiked the ruins with our guide Francisco. He was our guide for the full 4 days. He is very well informed and a good driver too. We had a great lunch in town before getting in our canoes to paddle the Macal River. Francisco suggested we order nachos for an appetizer and they were the best. We had 2 canoes and paddled up river first. We didn't get to see much wildlife but I did spot a Tocan, and lots of bats. The river was beautiful. When we returned to Pook's Hill I hiked to the rock pools for a dip in the river. Supper at Pook's Hill was delicious. We enjoyed a night hike in the darkness with Francisco. He is great at spotting wildlife in the dark. We saw native birds and a tarantual.