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June 13 Fly to Ambergris and check in at Blue Tang Inn
Adventures in Belize 2012

Today was the day to transfer to Ambergris Caye. About a 1.5 hour ride to the airport after saying our good byes at Pook's Hill. Would have loved to stay there one more day. We had a short, 2 stop flight to San Pedro in the rain. I got to sit in the co-pilot seat on the flight to San Pedro, that was probably a once in a lifetime thrill too. When we got there it was just cloudy. A Blue Tang driver met us at the airport and we got to the Inn within minutes. The streets are dirt and cobblestone and everyone has 4 wheel drive golf carts. You can get anywhere just by walking the beach. Lunch at Wet Willie's and a Belikin Beer. Lounging by the pool and beach and went to the spa. Supposedly there were jelly fish on the reef so we did not snorkel that day.