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Spear Fishing
Best of Lamanai, Belize

The next day a family from Texas arrived with 3 son's and we spent the day together hanging out on the dock while the kids swam and played.

In the evening after a wonderful meal of fish, veggies and key lime pie we headed back to the dock for our long awaited spear fishing exhibition. Mauricio and the boat driver picked us up on a pontoon boat. Mauricio had rigged a headlamp that was powered by a car battery so that we could see into the water to find our catch. The boat skated smoothly and slowly along the water bank as we eagerly searched for sleeping fish. My husband was the first to attempt spearing the fish with a 6 foot spear. It only took him 3 tries before he landed a snook. Amidst all the excitement we looked up to notice a sky full of stars. It was a magical evening and certainly the highlight of our trip to Lamanai. Since all of us caught one fish the kitchen staff cooked up a feast for themselves later that evening.