Hotel Casa Don Tomas

Outdoor seating at the Hotel Casa Don Tomas
Cozy and spacious rooms await at Hotel Casa Don Tomas
The beautiful outdoor pool at night
Lots of outdoor seating for socializing and relaxing
The breakfast bar at the Hotel Casa Don Tomas
A cozy bed awaits at the Hotel Casa Don Tomas
Clean and modern bathrooms in every room
Outdoor group seating on the patio
A double room at the Hotel Casa Don Tomas

Casa Don Tomas is located in the magical surroundings of the rich archaeological area of San Pedro. Enjoy the enchantment of the typical architecture of Atacama, making it a refined, pleasing and comfortable experience. Here you will find comfort and quality service in their accommodations.

Built near the center of historic San Pedro, Casa Don Tomas offers all the conveniences that any traveler could hope to find in this, one of the most remote areas of the world.

Hotel Amenities
- Comfortable rooms
- Restaurant
- Swimming pool
- Private parking
- Laundry service
- Direct dail phone
- Private bath
- Coffee shop
- Snack Bar
- Concierge services