Coastal and Caribbean Explorer: Ushuaia to Martinique Cruise

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Awe-inspiring landscape of Chile
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Plaza in Lima
Machu Picchu
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Sunset on a typical colonial facade
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Ship in the locks of the Panama Canal
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Lounge by the pool.
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Pelicans hanging out in the ocean
Beginning at the southernmost tip of the Americas and working north, explore the western coast of South America. Stop in beautiful and historic cities as you make your way towards Central America and the Caribbean.

Day 1

    Ushuaia / Emabark

    Arrive in Ushuaia and board Le Boreal between 5:30 and 6:30 PM. Settle in to your cabin and familiarize yourself with the ship and her crew.

    Days 2-4

      Cruising around Cape Horn and the Beagle Channel

      This port of call depends on weather conditions.

      Your first contact with the land at the end of the world will be the Cape Horn promontory, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2005. Known to sailors simply as "the Horn," the summit of this spectacular cliff has a sculpture in the shape of an albatross to honour all those who have perished trying to sail around it. A unique experience awaits you on your cruise through the Beagle Channel. Explore the magnificent scenery of the Tierra del Fuego (literally "land of fire") National Park.

      Day 5

        Puerto Natales, Chile

        Puerto Natales appears at the end of the Ultima Esperanza Sound. An ideal point from which to cross the Andes, the town is in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park and the Andean scenery here is breathtaking.

        Days 6-7

          Cruising the Heart of the Chilean Channels

          Spend two glorious days discovering the Chilean Channels at the foot of the Darwin Cordillera mountain range and venture right into the heart of this maze of fjords to see the glaciers which tumble into the sea at the end of them. Sea lions, fur seals and dolphins are completely at home in the unspoiled grandiose nature of this region.

          Day 8

            Tortel, Chile

            This small Patagonian village with its curious architecture – houses on stilts linked by a maze of piers, walkways and endless stairs which make up the roads – clings to a hillside in total isolation amidst the glaciers, lakes, forests and mountains. This is a unique opportunity to meet the locals who are always very welcoming to Le Boreal passengers.

            Day 9

              At Sea

              Take advantage of on board amenities or simply enjoy the view as you sail the open ocean.

              Day 10

                Puerto Montt, Chile

                Located on Latitude 40 degrees South, this lovely region boasts an incredible concentration of volcanic cones, like Lanin or the spectacular snow-capped Orsono volcano, as well as lush natural flora.

                Day 11

                  Castro - Chiloe, Chile

                  To the north of the Magellan Strait is a large island called Chiloe, which is very different from the rest of the country. Not just because of the gentler countryside but because of its mixed cultural heritage. Castro is the capital of this island, which is home to around 150 churches famous for their striking architecture - sixteen are registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

                  Day 12

                    At Sea

                    Take a much-needed rest while cruising the ocean as you prepare for the next stops on your adventure.

                    Days 13-14

                      Valparaiso, Chile

                      The port city of Valparaiso, meaning "paradise valley," is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in the central region of Chile. Dominated by 44 hills forming a natural amphitheater overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its delightful funicular railways and colorful hillside dwellings, this is one of the most charismatic and historic ports in South America.

                      Days 15-16

                        At Sea

                        As you cruise the open ocean, keep an eye out for bird life or marine mammals. Explore the ship or just take some time to relax with your favorite book.

                        Day 17

                          Iquique, Chile

                          Located between the sea and the desert, the town of Iquique takes pride in its outstanding historic center. In this legacy of the wealthy "White Gold Rush," find former residences with finely wrought facades and colorful buildings that bear witness to this opulent period.

                          Day 18

                            Arica, Chile

                            Known as the City of Eternal Spring, Arica is much admired for its rich golden sandy beaches and historic sites. From here you will have the opportunity to explore the Lauca National Park, a renowned UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

                            Day 19

                              Matarani, Peru

                              The small fishing port of Matarani is cut off between desert and mountain and offers a chance to visit the lovely colonial town of Arequipa, who's brilliant white houses of volcanic stone have earned it the nickname "the white town." The Santa Catalina Convent is well worth visiting, home to a community of Carmelites for over 400 years, now open to the public.

                              Day 20

                                San Juan Marcona / Nazca, Peru

                                An excellent optional excursion offers you the unique opportunity to fly over the famous Nazca lines. Enigmatic and mysterious, many wonder about their origins: are they an astronomical calendar or ritual paths dedicated to the gods? No one knows as this magical place has guarded its secret since the 1930s. Three-hundred fifty giant geometric shapes include figures such as a spider, a monkey and a bird carved into the ground by the world’s oldest, pre-Incan civilization.

                                Days 21-22

                                  Callao - Lima, Peru

                                  An exciting modern metropolis, Lima also offers fine examples of colonial architecture and many museums, including the famous Gold Museum. From here you have the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the Inca city of Machu Picchu, Cuzco and the Sacred Valley.

                                  Day 23

                                    Salaverry / Trujillo, Peru

                                    Trujillo's historic colonial residences, the Iturregui Palace and Place d’Armes, have helped the city retain much of its former charm. Not far from here you will find the Chan Chan site, the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas which once stored large quantities of gold, silver and valuable pottery.

                                    Day 24

                                      At Sea

                                      From the ship deck, watch the landscape change as you sail Northward.

                                      Day 25

                                        Cruising Rio Guayas - Guayaquil, Ecuador

                                        Port details pending.

                                        Day 26

                                          Guayaquil, Ecuador

                                          Port details pending with a possible disembarkation.

                                          Days 27-28

                                            At Sea

                                            Enjoy the open ocean as you prepare for the Central American leg of your journey.

                                            Day 29

                                              Quepos, Costa Rica

                                              Port details pending.

                                              Day 30

                                                San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

                                                Port details pending.

                                                Day 31

                                                  At Sea

                                                  Take advantage of on board amenities or simply enjoy the view as you sail the open ocean.

                                                  Day 32

                                                    Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

                                                    Port details pending.

                                                    Day 33

                                                      Corinto, Nicaragua

                                                      Port details pending.

                                                      Day 34

                                                        At Sea

                                                        Take advantage of on board amenities or simply enjoy the view as you sail the open ocean.

                                                        Day 35

                                                          Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

                                                          Port details pending with a possible disembarkation.

                                                          Day 36

                                                            At Sea

                                                            Take advantage of on board amenities or simply enjoy the view as you sail the open ocean.

                                                            Day 37

                                                              Fuerte Amador, Panama

                                                              Port details pending.

                                                              Day 38

                                                                Crossing the Panama Canal

                                                                Enjoy the day from the deck as you pass through the historic Panama Canal locks and begin the Caribbean leg of your voyage.

                                                                Day 39

                                                                  Holandes Cayes, Panama

                                                                  Port details pending.

                                                                  Day 40

                                                                    Catagena, Colombia

                                                                    Port details pending.

                                                                    Day 41

                                                                      At Sea

                                                                      Take advantage of on board amenities or simply enjoy the view as you sail the open ocean.

                                                                      Day 42

                                                                        Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

                                                                        Off the Venezuelan coast lie the leeward Dutch West Indie islands. Wonderfully evocative names and white sandy beaches await you in Curacao, lying at the foot of Mount Christofel.

                                                                        Embarkation possible at Curacao.

                                                                        Day 43

                                                                          Los Roques, Venezuela

                                                                          Port details pending.

                                                                          Day 44

                                                                            St. Georges, Grenada

                                                                            The capital of Grenada, St. George lies at the end of a beautiful bay. A particularly picturesque little town wrapped round the port, St. George has retained colonial era red roofed pastel-colored architecture. Surrounded by untamed tropical forests, pristine beaches and numerous waterfalls, this is a truly enchanting destination.

                                                                            Day 45

                                                                              Bequia, St. Vincent des Grenadines

                                                                              Port details pending.

                                                                              Day 46

                                                                                Marigot & Soufriere, Ste. Lucia

                                                                                The exuberant unspoiled nature of the vegetation on Ste. Lucia ensures this island’s status as one of the Caribbean’s real gems. Covered in tropical forests and valleys, the island features two distinctive volcanic pitons like two giant cones rising up out of the sea near Soufriere. As you travel through the forest, pause to visit a superb tropical garden and some sulphur springs.

                                                                                Day 47

                                                                                  Fort de France, Martinique

                                                                                  After an early breakfast on board, disembark in Fort de France on the island of Martinique. Transport to airport to continue your travels.

                                                                                  Children Welcome:
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