Campo Aventura

Campo Aventura's humble accommodations
Campo Aventura provides opportunities for some excellent kayaking
Enjoy excellent hiking in Chile
Enjoy a horseback ride while staying at Campo Aventura
Kayaking by an island of sea lions
The beautiful landscape around Campo Aventura
Kayaking the beautiful waters of Chile

Campo Adventura runs two lodges and offers several outdoor activities and cultural programs. The properties are situated in the scenic valley of the Rio Cochamo, which is also an idyllic location to stay and relax.

About 1000 kms (550m) south of Santiago and 120kms (65m) East of Puerto Montt in Chile north Patagonia, Campo Aventura is located on 200 acres of pristine forest. The scenic valley of the Rio Cochamo, an idyllic location to spend several days and explore the surroundings on your next Chile trip. Have a taste of homemade organic cookery from breakfast to dinner with ingredients bought from locals and enjoy especially our vegetarian cuisine with also excellent fish dishes.