Meridiano Sur Hotel

Welcome to Meridiano Sur Hotel
Guests will encounter warm hospitality and a serene setting at Meridiano Sur
Enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast at Meridiano Sur
Each room offers guests a private bath and numerous amenities
Cheerful sunlit guest rooms
Cozy immaculate rooms offer a pleasant stay for travelers in Santiago
Room choices include options for families
Relax on the patio under the stars

Meridiano Sur is a hotel with Chilean identity at the heart of the city of Santiago. Located in a cozy house which has been completely remodeled, it offers the needed comfort to enjoy a pleasant stay at the city of Santiago, Chile. Guests will enjoy this haven of peace, as the hotel has created a serene atmosphere...vital, friendly and yet not intrusive.

Feel comfortable, safe and right in the heart of Santiago, Chile's front door. This unique independent hotel is a family venture that seeks to play a role in building a travel experience for each guest. In a play on words, Meridiano Sur refers to the long, luminous geography that almost touches the world's South Pole. From the architectural project of an enhanced typical chilean home, to its innovative decor that includes native handcrafts decoration, Meridian Sur Hotel is designed to provide a unique genuine introduction to the country of Chile.

Accommodations at Meridiano Sur
All rooms at Meridiano Sur are equipped with a private bathroom, heating, ecological air conditioning, a safety deposit box (notebook size), satellite TV and a landphone. The hotel is also equipped with Wi-Fi.

Guests will find comfortable accommodations in the five double rooms and two single rooms. While not spacious, guests will enjoy the well equipped facilities needed to ensure a pleasant stay.

A stay at Meridiano Sur Hotel includes a delicious, healthy and abundant breakfast.

The old neighbourhood of Providencia is a centric and hip spot, located half way between the historic centre and the residential neighborhood. The hotel is located five minutes from the subway and close to museums, shops and the national tourism office. The hotel is three minutes walking to "Astrid y Gastón" restaurant, and five to "Liguria" and the "Drugstore" cafes. Meridiano Sur is right in the middle of everything while being on a peaceful smaller street.