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Orongo ruins and Rano Kau Volcano
Easter Island and A Little Chile

Stepping out into the morning light, we noticed a rainbow in the sky. We spent half the day doing an archaeological tour of the Orongo ruins and of Rano Kau volcano. Wow! The scenery here looks as if it came right from a painters easel. The beaches of Easter Island are breath taking as is much of the rest of the scenery. The history of the island and the culture is absolutely amazing. We could see moais around the volcano from the road we traveled on. This grew our anticipation. When we finally arrived at Rano Kau we were able to walk amongst the moais. Mind boggling to think that we were walking once where those who carved the moais from the quarries had. One of our last stops of the day was the Row of 15, Ahu Tongariki. My friend and I became the 16th and 17th moais! Fantastic day!