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Past Winnings and Their Winners

6-day Bahamas cruise for two
on the Liberty Clipper

Winners of our Best Travel Video, Dusty and Niki Green, won a Bahamas cruise that included the white beaches, turquoise waters and laid-back atmosphere that the Caribbean is so celebrated for.

Click here to view the winning travel video.

6-day Panama trip for two to
Tranquilo Bay Resort

Winner of our Best Travel Journal, Nancy Golden, won a trip to Panama's Tranquilo Bay to explore most biodiverse areas in the region - Bocas del Toro Archipelago.

Click here to view Nancy's winning travel journal.

9-day Peru trip for two on the
luxury Amazon yacht MV Aria and to Mancora Beach.

Winners of our Best Travel Journal, Andrea Edwards & Lee Riggins, won a trip to Peru that combines a luxury Amazon cruise on thee award-winning river yacht, MV Aria with a retreat to coastal Peru's Mancora Beach.

Click here to view Andrea and Lee's winning travel journal.

Back from their adventures, Andrea and Lee share pictures and experiences from the trip they won in our journal contest. Read about their return visit to Peru -- A journey back to an incredible country...this time featuring condors, flamingos, and pink dolphins! Click here.

8-day Darwin's Islands Galapagos Adventure for two
to the islands of Santa Cruz, Floreana, and Isabela.

Kate Perry won this 8-day land-based Galapagos trip that takes travelers from lodge to lodge, from island to island, visiting Santa Cruz, Floreana and Isabela. A great alternative to a traditional Galapagos cruise, the Darwins Island trip includes nights at Red Mangrove's Floreana, Aventura and Isabela Lodges. Prize also included two nights in Quito.

Click here to view the winning Travel Video by Kate Perry.

10-day Galapagos Adventure for Two
onboard the Eric, Letty, Flamingo.

Jennifer Wainman won a cruise for two to the Galapagos. Historic, secluded and celebrated, the volcanic Galapagos offer travelers an unparalleled interaction with rare wildlife. Naturalists guides take you hiking in the highlands in search of the ancient tortoises that gave the islands their namesake. Prize included two nights in Quito before and after the cruise.

Click here to view the winning Travel Video by Jennifer Wainman.

Patagonia Trip for two to EcoCamp's
luxury suite domes and a Mare Australis cruise!

Kristen Kidder won a retreat to EcoCamp's Suite Domes. Designed with the environment in mind, these exclusive luxury domes are an excellent example of successful ecotourism at work. Then followed the path of famous explorers on the Via Australis. The ship was built specifically to cruise Patagonia along the spectacular waterways around the Strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel.

Click here to read the winning Online Trip Journal by Kristen Kidder.

Alaska Voyage for Two

Adventure Life travelers, Les Moore and Sabine Westland's Antarctica journal won them a small-ship Alaska voyage for two into the famous Inside Passage.

Read the winning Antarctica Trip Journal by Les Moore
Click here.

Antarctica Expedition Cruise

Wayne Ng's journal "Epiphanies in Ecuador and the Galapagos" won him a classic Antarctica adventure to the South Shetland Island and Antarctic Peninsula on board the ship, Antarctic Dream.

Read the winning Trip Journal by Wayne Ng
Click here.

Trip Journal Collection

Read our complete collection of Trip Journals from travels around the world. You may even recognize a few names and faces from the Adventure Life staff... Just like you, we're travelers who love to share our experiences with others -- no matter how embarrassing the photos. click here.