Sea Kayaking Trip in Costa Rica

A great introduction to a sea-kayaking trip through Costa Rica canals. Mangrove swamps are one of the richest natural environments in the world - in this clip alone you'll spot capuchin monkeys, toucans, a caiman, not to mention incredible flora. Mangroves are the only trees that thrive in salt water. If this video calls to your wanderlust (like mine), our Costa Rica Multisport trip is right up your alley. Along with sea kayaking, travelers will whitewater raft, snorkel, zip-line through the canopy, and take a 2-day trek into Chirripó National Park to the summit of Mt. Chirripó. Take note: while Costa Rica isn't typically known for this trekking, the Chirripó hike can and will give even the most experienced hikers a run for their money. The rewards? The views of the cloudforest, Atlantic and Pacific from the summit are spectacular.