Sirena Ranger Station

Welcome to Sirena Ranger Station
Sirena Ranger Station is located at the headquarters of Corcovado National Park
Dorm lodging is available for up to 20 guests
Sirena Ranger Station is an excellent destination for wildlife viewing
Sirena Ranger Station is set in the pristine Corcovado National Park
Explore Corcovado from the Sirena Ranger Station
A fully equipped kitchen and staff provide hot meals
Bath facilities with hot water are available

Sirena Ranger Station is the headquarters of Corcovado National Park. It has extensive facilities for the support of academic research, park improvement and protection activities, and for camping, overnight lodging and meals preparation. It is served by both charter air and boat access. It is connected to all the other ranger stations by well maintained trails. There are also a number of wildlife trails that are maintained in the Sirena area that provide a variety of options of day excursions for visitors overnighting at Sirena.

Sirena Ranger Station is located within the Corcovado Basin and boasts an unparalleled abundance of wildlife of all types. Unquestionably, Sirena Ranger Station is the best destination for maximizing wildlife viewing. It has an extensive support staff and shifting populations of resident and visiting academic researchers.

Dorm Lodging
Sirena is the only ranger station that offers overnight lodging in dorm style accommodations for up to 20 dormitory guests. Each bunkroom has two bunk beds plus an additional single bed. Each two to three rooms shares a common restroom which includes a shower, sink, and toilet. The rooms are all screened and guests should bring own personal bedding and mosquito netting, if desired.

Camping is possible at Sirena Ranger Station. There is a covered platform that is dedicated to campers with provided foam pads. Campers are also welcome to pitch tents on the expansive lawn in front of the station facility if this is preferred to the covered camping area. Common restroom, shower & food preparation facilities are provided for those camping at Sirena Ranger Station.

Sirena Ranger Station has a fully equipped kitchen and staff that is responsible for the preparation of three meals per day. Meals are typical Costa Rican casados for lunch and dinner and gallo pinto for breakfast. Portions are hearty, and the fare is simple but quite appetizing. Meals are served with cold water and cold fruit drinks as well as coffee. Lunch and dinner typically includes: rice, bean, salad, some type of meat, fried bananas, and a fricassee palmito or potato dish or else stir fried mixed vegetables. Breakfast includes gallo pinto with eggs, cheese or ham, two types of fruit, toast and fried sweet bananas.

Laundry, Showers, and Water
The Sirena infrastructure includes extensive facilities for hand-washing laundry, and there are a large number of showers. The water at the facility is all potable, so water bottles can be filled without concern for filtration or supplemental water purification tablets.

Sirena Ranger Station has both an array of solar panels as well as a generator. Power is turned on facility wide in the evening to provide guests with access to lighting in the early evening hours. No electrical outlets are available for personal use.