Xandari Resort and Spa

Xandari Resort and Spa
Xandari Resort and Spa
Xandari Resort and Spa
Xandari Resort and Spa
Xandari Resort and Spa
Xandari Resort and Spa
Xandari Resort and Spa

Xandari Resort & Spa is a tropical paradise of 22 individually designed villas nestled on a 40 acre plantation overlooking the Central Valley of Costa Rica, and only 20 minutes from the San Jose International Airport. At an elevation of 3900 feet (1200 meters), Xandari enjoys a near–perfect temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit all year.

Villas:Each spacious villa, surrounded by gardens, has a large view terrace for enjoying the sunset and lights of the valley at night, plus a walled–in terrace for privacy and solitude.

Dining:The indoor/outdoor restaurant features a healthy continental and Costa Rican menu. Many of the fruits and vegetables are from our own organic greenhouse, orchard and gardens. Dine in intimate and elegant simplicity while enjoying a panoramic view of the Central Valley.

Swimming:Swim in one or the hotel's two 60ft. long lap pools and sunbathe on the pool terraces.

Art:Original art is everywhere at Xandari... paintings, tapestries, mosaics, quilts, stained glass, sculpture.

Gardens and Trails:Stroll through botanic gardens interspersed with sculpture. A wide range of plants are identified. Hike over 4 kilometers of private scenic trails to intimate river vistas and dramatic waterfalls. Visit the orchid house and greenhouse.

Environmental Program:Xandari is dedicated to a comprehensive program to diminish the environmental impact of hotel operations and to return much of the land to its original natural beauty. Participate in this program by planting a tree.

Architecture:Xandari has been named by Star Services as one of the nine outstanding hotels in the world for best authentic architecture.

Spa:Xandari's spa village is set in a tropical garden and includes 5 private palm–roofed jalapas with jacuzzis and a picturesque view of the Central Valley. Enjoy a massage, mud wrap, facial, and various exotic body treatments with a distinctive Costa Rican flavor. Xandari Resort & Spa was named by World Travel Award as Costa Rica's Leading Spa Resort.

Join your spa professionals for an hour, a day, or for a longer customized program designed around your own goals and aspirations. Our extensive Spa Menu of therapies,
plus professional and very personal care, combine to create the full Xandari experience of greater peace, wellness and rejuvenation.

Xandari's Spa Village is inspired by the vision of healing, beauty and inner peace. They take a holistic approach to radiant health through personal care and attention to mind, body and spirit. Their carefully chosen team of professionals is dedicated to using the natural ingredients provided generously by nature in this particularly rich and diverse country.

What to do at Xandari
Gardens: Stroll through our sculpture gardens and view a wide variety of tropical plants.
Nature Trails: Hike through our transitional forest to river views and five waterfalls.
Spa Village: Enjoy a massage, exotic wrap, facial and private jacuzzi in your own jalapa.
Birds: Observe many species of tropical birds attracted by our plantings and natural forest.
Swim: Swim in one of two heated lap pools, one with an outdoor jacuzzi.
Greenhouse: Take a walk to see where organic vegetables are grown for our restaurant.
Goats: Visit and stroke our two goats, Sparkle and Twinkle, near the greenhouse.
Orchid House: See a variety of tropical orchids cultivated at Xandari.
Sunbathe: Completely relax on your villa's private walled-in terrace or by a pool.
Library: Select a book to read in your villa, the garden or lounge.
Movies: Select a movie from our collection to watch in the TV room.
Country Roads: Walk to a nearby village for drinks and bocas with the locals.
Cocktail Hour: Enjoy, drink, conversation and the sun setting over the Central Valley.
Guided Nature Walk: With a naturalist through our gardens and trails. $45 for 1-4 persons.
Environment: Learn about our comprehensive Sustainable Tourism Program: Plant a tree.

Environmental Program
Xandari's goal is to diminish the environmental impact of hotel operations and to protect the invaluable natural resources of the area. For example, Xandari has a comprehensive recycling program; waste byproducts are composted and used to fertilize the gardens; fruits and vegetables are grown organically on-site; and laundry is dried outdoors in the sun as often as possible. They also encourage and help preserve the local culture of surrounding villages.

Restoring the Land When the land where Xandari Resort is now located was purchased in 1989, the property was almost entirely planted with coffee, except for those areas too steep to harvest. There were few birds or butterflies as there were no trees, bushes or flowers to attract them. Slowly, hotel staff began to replace areas of coffee with trees and tropical plants in an effort to return the land closer to its natural state. As part of this effort, guests are invited to plant native trees during their stay at Xandari.

As the many varieties of plants grew and the gardens were extended, increasing numbers of birds appeared and nested. Now there are numerous bird and butterfly species living free at Xandari, and intriguing bird songs fill the air from morning through the night. Naturalists research which trees, bushes and flowers especially attract, feed and provide shelter to the various types of birds and butterflies that inhabit Costa Rica and are constantly adding new varieties to the gardens.

There is still enough coffee at Xandari to educate guests about the coffee plant. The beans of the remaining plants continue to be harvested and some are processed in the coffee served in our restaurant. Some beans are also used in the Coffee Scrub treatment in the spa.

The gardens have become botanical, delightful, varied and educational, and provide the natural feeling this land may have had earlier in its history. Guests at Xandari can see many varieties of the indigenous plants of Costa Rica in our gardens and along the trails, along with the wildlife that accompanies them. Plants are labeled on our botanic trails so guests can note the botanical and common names as they experience their tropical beauty on strolls and hikes.

The Concept of Stewardship At Xandari, is that people are only “stewards” of the land. After all, none of us are able to own any piece of land forever; we are all only temporary inhabitants of land that will survive us. Xandari's pleasure in the idea that they will leave this particular piece of land better, more natural, healthier than when they arrived.

Nature Reserve: As part of Xandari's dedication to preserving the environment, a large area of their 40 acre property is being set aside in perpetuity as a nature reserve at Xandari.