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Sarapiqui Bound
Awesome Costa Rica Tour

Sadly today we are leaving our new friends behind from Torteguero, but on to our next adventure. I am really facing a lot of fears on this trip, but am way okay with it.
Selva Verde Lodge is amazing. Just walking to our room we have to watch where we are going so we don't step on anything, like an Iguana, frog or anyone else that happens to be hanging out in our path.
Tonight we went for a nighttime walk through the Tirimbina Reserve, just me, Melissa and our guide Willy. We walked across the second largest suspension bridge in Costa Rica, and really I am glad it was dark, cause you know I have issues with those bridges. But it wasn't bad, and another fear faced. We saw sloths, porcupines, and a mammal with a prehensile tail that sadly I can't remember what it is called. Not to mention pit vipers, all kinds of cool spiders, frogs, the list goes on and on. It is a truly magical place.