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Free day (Aerial Tram)
Costa Rica Family trip - turtles and rainforest, pacuare

Since we came a day earlier than our Adventure Life tour started, we planned a day trip through the hotel. We'd heard about the Aerial Tram grounds and decided to check it out. The views from the tram were absolutely spectacular. The tram runs on a loop, one below the other, so outgoing you're close to the ground, and on the way back you're way up high. It's amazing to see the same location from the lower and upper view. The guided nature hikes were very informative (easy hiking), a snake exhibit, Frog and Butterfly Garden. We also saw a sloth and the biggest walking sticks I've ever seen. They have a web site if you google 'costa rica aerial tram'.

The tour group who took us out there also took us for a ride on the Sarapiqui river and lunch at Selva Verde Lodge. See pictures of our tram ride and the GIANT trees!