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Back to San Jose
Costa Rica, Mountains and Beaches

Our little kitty will miss our handouts as we are headed back to San Jose. It is 8:00am and it is 82 degrees with 109% humidity. Even the locals say this is unusual. Yesterday the city actually cut off the water supply completely (before, it was 2 hours of water daily) Our hotel had a back up supply but the little businesses did not have much. Our driver picked us up at the hotel at 8:00am and was a super guide, sharing history, customs and he stopped at local wayside stops for treats. We love mammon (a red thorny fruit with a delicious center) Some call it le chi nut and we had peach palm which had been boiled 1 11/2 hours and then eaten with mayo. Very different.We went from hot and humid to rain in San Jose. That is ok, our vacation in Costa Rica is over and we are off to the Bay Islands. Next trip to Costa Rica will be the Pacific Coast. Thank you Adventure Life for a wonderful adventure.