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Puerto Viejo
Costa Rica, Mountains and Beaches

Now it is off to the beach. After lunch a taxi picks us up and takes us to Shawandha Lodge outside of Puerto Viejo. The taxi driver was a character. We can certainly see why this is a good pick for a beach experience. Puerto Viejo reminds us of Roatan in the Bay Islands with its Caribbean culture. Schawandha is billed as a lodge in harmony with nature and that it is - bungalows set in the jungle with palm roofs and open terraces with hammocks where you can just relax. It looks like you have just landed in Bali. Our bungalow was spacious and the bathroom tile was a work of art. We walked to the beach on a trail directly from our resort and then strolled on the beach as far as we could - it was beautiful and we had it virtually to ourselves. The food here was again very good - why would we want to go anywhere else. When we got back to our bungalow after dinner, we were greeted by a friendly kitty with a bad eye who was camped out on our walkway (looking for a handout). Let's see if she sticks around.