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Aqua Mekong sailing up the Mekong River

Aqua Mekong

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Aqua Mekong sailing up the Mekong River The pool on board the Aqua Mekong Indoor lounge on board the Aqua Mekong Luxury dining room on the Aqua Mekong Indoor lounge on board the Aqua Mekong Indoor lounge on board the Aqua Mekong Outdoor lounge on board the Aqua Mekong Aqua Mekong
Explore the floating village of Tonle Sap

Mekong Discovery - Downriver

4 Day Itinerary aboard Aqua Mekong
  • Walk through verdant plantations
  • Learn about local traditions
  • Visit Vinh Trang Pagoda
Embark in Phnom Pehn on this 4-day discovery cruise and sail down the Mekong River on your way towards Ho Chi Minh City. Peruse vibrant markets and visit typical Mekong Delta villages from the luxury river vessel Aqua Mekong.
Activities: Biking, Expedition Cruises, River Cruises, Village Visit
Places: Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam, My Tho, Phnom Penh
Cruise Details
Beautiful architecture in Tonle Sap

Mekong Discovery - Upriver

4 Day Itinerary aboard Aqua Mekong
  • Experience an indigenous tradition
  • Discover Koh ChenĀ“s pottery
  • Explore the Moat Khla village
Embark on this 4-day Mekong Discovery Cruise and experience a richly-rewarding adventure by heading up river in Cambodia and exploring the Tonle Sap River.
Activities: Biking, Expedition Cruises, River Cruises, Village Visit
Places: Kampong Chhnang, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
Cruise Details
The beautiful Angkor Wat

Mekong Expedition- Downriver

8 Day Itinerary aboard Aqua Mekong
  • Visit Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve
  • Sail to floating village Chhnok Tru
  • See Cambodia's capital & sights
  • Meet & interact with locals
Sail down the Mekong River on this cultural 8-day cruise. Begin in Cambodia and sail past magnificent floating villages, interact with local monks, and admire the pristine beauty of this colorful region.
Activities: Biking, Local Market, River Cruises, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Places: Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam, My Tho, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
Cruise Details
Chau Doc

Mekong Expedition- Upriver

8 Day Itinerary aboard Aqua Mekong
  • Experience vibrant markets
  • Enjoy touring Cambodia's capital
  • Visit Long Son Pagoda
  • Explore Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve
Sail up the Mekong River on this cultural 8-day cruise. Begin in Saigon and sail past magnificent floating villages, interact with local monks, and admire the pristine beauty of this colorful region.
Activities: Biking, Cooking Class, Local Market, River Cruises, Spa & Relaxing, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Places: Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Chau Doc, My Tho, Phnom Penh, Saigon, Siem Reap
Cruise Details
The colorful Tonle Sap village

Mekong Explorer - Downriver

5 Day Itinerary aboard Aqua Mekong
  • Visit Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve
  • Meet and interact with locals
  • Attend a Buddhist blessing ceremony
Embark on this 5-day voyage down the Mekong River from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. Stop in charming floating villages, interact with the local peoples of the area, and explore the colorful markets and cultural sites which line the shores.
Activities: Biking, Local Market, River Cruises, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Places: Asia, Cambodia, Kampong Chhnang, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap
Cruise Details
The floating village of Tonle Sap, Cambodia

Mekong Explorer - Upriver

5 Day Itinerary aboard Aqua Mekong
  • Enjoy a visit to a local's home
  • Walk through verdant plantations
  • Meet & interact with Buddhist Monks
Experience the captivating landscapes of Cambodia and Vietnam on this 5-day Mekong River cruise. Board the Aqua Mekong in My Tho and travel back in time as you sail upriver through the thriving Mekong Delta past floating villages, colonial vestiges, and gilded pagodas.
Activities: Biking, Cooking Class, Local Market, River Cruises, Spa & Relaxing, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Places: Phnom Penh, Sa Dec, Saigon
Cruise Details
Oct 254Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Oct 288Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Oct 285Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Nov 014Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Nov 048Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Nov 045Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Nov 084Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Nov 118Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Nov 115Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Nov 154Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Nov 188Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Nov 185Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Nov 224Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Dec 028Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Dec 025Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Dec 064Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Dec 098Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Dec 095Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Dec 134Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Dec 204Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Dec 238Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Dec 235Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Dec 274Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Dec 308Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Dec 305Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jan 034Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jan 068Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jan 065Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jan 104Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jan 138Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jan 135Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jan 174Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jan 208Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jan 205Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jan 244Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jan 278Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jan 275Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jan 314Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Feb 035Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Feb 074Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Feb 108Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Feb 105Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Feb 144Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Feb 175Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Feb 178Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Feb 214Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Feb 248Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Feb 245Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Feb 284Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Mar 035Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Mar 038Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Mar 074Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Mar 108Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Mar 105Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Mar 144Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Mar 175Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Mar 178Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Mar 214Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Mar 245Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Mar 248Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Mar 284Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Mar 315Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Mar 318Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Apr 044Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Apr 075Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Apr 078Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Apr 114Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Apr 145Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Apr 148Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Apr 184Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Apr 218Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Apr 215Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Apr 254Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Apr 285Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Apr 288Mekong Expedition- Downriver
May 024Mekong Discovery - Downriver
May 058Mekong Expedition- Upriver
May 055Mekong Explorer - Upriver
May 094Mekong Discovery - Upriver
May 125Mekong Explorer - Downriver
May 128Mekong Expedition- Downriver
May 164Mekong Discovery - Downriver
May 198Mekong Expedition- Upriver
May 195Mekong Explorer - Upriver
May 234Mekong Discovery - Upriver
May 265Mekong Explorer - Downriver
May 268Mekong Expedition- Downriver
May 304Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jun 308Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jun 305Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jul 044Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jul 075Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jul 078Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jul 114Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jul 148Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jul 145Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jul 184Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jul 215Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jul 218Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jul 254Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jul 288Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jul 285Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Aug 014Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Aug 045Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Aug 048Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Aug 084Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Aug 118Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Aug 115Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Aug 154Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Aug 188Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Aug 185Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Aug 224Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Aug 258Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Aug 255Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Aug 294Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Sep 018Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Sep 015Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Sep 054Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Sep 088Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Sep 085Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Sep 124Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Sep 158Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Sep 155Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Sep 194Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Sep 228Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Sep 225Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Sep 264Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Sep 298Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Sep 295Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Oct 034Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Oct 068Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Oct 065Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Oct 104Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Oct 205Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Oct 314Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Nov 038Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Nov 035Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Nov 074Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Nov 105Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Nov 108Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Nov 144Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Nov 178Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Nov 175Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Nov 214Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Nov 245Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Nov 248Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Nov 284Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Dec 015Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Dec 124Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Dec 155Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Dec 158Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Dec 194Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Dec 225Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Dec 228Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Dec 264Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Dec 295Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Dec 298Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jan 024Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jan 055Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jan 058Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jan 094Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jan 125Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jan 128Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jan 164Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jan 195Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jan 198Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jan 234Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jan 265Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jan 268Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jan 304Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Feb 028Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Feb 025Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Feb 064Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Feb 095Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Feb 098Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Feb 134Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Feb 168Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Feb 204Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Feb 235Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Feb 238Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Feb 274Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Mar 028Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Mar 025Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Mar 064Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Mar 095Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Mar 098Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Mar 134Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Mar 168Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Mar 165Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Mar 204Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Mar 235Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Mar 238Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Mar 274Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Mar 308Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Mar 305Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Apr 034Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Apr 065Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Apr 068Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Apr 104Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Apr 174Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Apr 244Mekong Discovery - Downriver
May 014Mekong Discovery - Upriver
May 084Mekong Discovery - Downriver
May 118Mekong Expedition- Upriver
May 115Mekong Explorer - Upriver
May 185Mekong Explorer - Downriver
May 188Mekong Expedition- Downriver
May 258Mekong Expedition- Upriver
May 255Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jun 018Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jun 015Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jun 088Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jun 085Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jun 124Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jun 158Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jun 155Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jun 194Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jun 228Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jun 225Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jun 264Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jun 298Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jun 295Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jul 034Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jul 068Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jul 065Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jul 104Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jul 138Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jul 135Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jul 174Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Jul 208Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Jul 205Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Jul 244Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Jul 275Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Jul 278Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Jul 314Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Aug 038Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Aug 035Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Aug 074Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Aug 105Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Aug 108Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Aug 144Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Aug 178Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Aug 175Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Aug 214Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Aug 245Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Aug 248Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Aug 284Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Aug 315Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Aug 318Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Sep 044Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Sep 075Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Sep 078Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Sep 114Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Sep 145Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Sep 148Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Sep 184Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Sep 215Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Sep 218Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Sep 254Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Sep 285Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Sep 288Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Oct 024Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Oct 055Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Oct 058Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Oct 094Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Oct 128Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Oct 125Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Oct 164Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Oct 195Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Oct 198Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Oct 234Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Oct 268Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Oct 265Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Oct 304Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Nov 025Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Nov 028Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Nov 064Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Nov 095Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Nov 134Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Nov 165Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Nov 168Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Nov 204Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Nov 235Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Nov 274Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Nov 305Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Dec 114Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Dec 148Mekong Expedition- Upriver
Dec 145Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Dec 184Mekong Discovery - Upriver
Dec 215Mekong Explorer - Downriver
Dec 218Mekong Expedition- Downriver
Dec 254Mekong Discovery - Downriver
Dec 285Mekong Explorer - Upriver
Passengers: 40
Ship Type: River Cruise Ship

The luxurious Aqua Mekong was designed to embody the aestheric of a sophisticated five star hotel. Local sustainable materials and artisanal touches of the Mekong’s multifaceted cultures round out generous interior spaces. Spacious and indulgent, yet intimate enough to feel entirely exclusive, the Aqua Mekong incorporates relaxed yet refined lounging and dining areas, and can accommodate a maximum of 40 guests plus crew.

Each stateroom features a California King sized bed which can be separated into two twin beds, floor to ceiling windows facing the Mekong, large double closet with safety box, chest of drawers, flat screen television, telephone, indoor seating area and outdoor seating area (for balcony cabins). Suites feature extra large bathrooms with picture windows, two sinks, large walk in shower with rainforest showerhead and bench, professional hairdryer, and natural bath amenities.

The Aqua Mekong Features:
- Exclusive staff to guest ratio of 1-1 on the river
- All Excursions limited to 10 guests per guide
- The Mekong’s only private fleet of 4 elegant aluminium launch boats
- All suites measure 322sq.
- Family suites measure 644sq.
- World-class dining program with Consulting Chef David Thompson
- Sleek and contemporary award-wining interior design
- Kayaking and biking excursions
- The Mekong’s only forward-facing shaded infinity pool
- On-board paramedic
- The Mekong’s only private indoor and outdoor screening room

State of the art safety features include radio communications with separate battery pack, satellite phone, life jackets, flares and signals, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in each cabin, automatic defibrillator on board.

Year Built: 2014
Ports of Embarkation: My Tho (Vietnam), Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (Cambodia)
Vessel’s Registry: Cambodia
Type of Vessel: River Expedition Vessel
Length: 62.4 meters / 204 feet
Beam: 11.5 meters / 38 feet
Draft: 1.5 meters / 5 feet
Gross Tonnage: 700 tons
Cruising Speed: 12 knots
Electricity: 220 volts
Engines: 2 New Caterpillar, Tier 3 Emission compliant
Generators: 2 New Caterpillars, encapsulated for noise reduction
Water: Reverse osmosis and UV water treatment plant
AC: Central air-conditioning throughout
Laundry: Complimentary service (no dry cleaning on board)
Internet: Complimentary wireless throughout
Interconnecting suite on board the Aqua Mekong
First Deck Mekong Suite
Luxurious suites which feature floor-to-ceiling panoramic ceilings, California King beds, and individual sleek bathrooms.
Design suite on board the Aqua Mekong
Second Deck Mekong Balcony Suite
Luxurious balcony suites which feature floor-to-ceiling panoramic ceilings, California King beds, and individual sleek bathrooms.
Aqua Mekong Deck Plan
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This was my first experience with Adventure Life - and I couldn't have been more pleased with the trip. The guides and local staff in both Buenos Aires and Uruguay were terrific - extremely helpful and accommodating. I really enjoyed meeting the friendly staff in Buenos Aires in person (I left my bags with them for the afternoon).
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