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The Delfin Amazon ship Enjoy fine dining on the Delfin Relax in the Delfin Lounge Learn to sail on the bridge of the Delfin The Delfin Bar Enjoy fine dining on the Delfin Relax on the Delfin Relax on the Delfin
Interact with the locals on your small ship Amazon cruise

Amazon Discovery

4 Day Itinerary aboard Delfin
  • Journey to Pacaya Samiria Reserve
  • Discover immense biodiversity
  • Visit San Francisco Village
Sail the legendary Amazon river on this 4-day luxury cruise on the Delfin. Experience the local and remote villages that line the river and search for the mysterious pink river dolphin which lives between its shores.
Activities: Fishing, Kayaking, Local Market, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Places: Amazon, Peru, South America, Iquitos
Cruise Details
Canoe up the Amazon on your small ship cruise

Amazon Encounter

5 Day Itinerary aboard Delfin
  • Explore the MaraƱon & Ucayali River
  • Canoe Tawampa Lake
  • Swim with Amazon dolphins
Sail aboard the luxurious Delfin as you visit Yanaycu Pucate, kayak along Jacinto Lake, and sail down the Yarapa River. The small size of the Delfin allows passengers to explore the Amazon in an intimate small group setting.
Activities: Fishing, Kayaking, Local Market, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Places: Amazon, Peru, South America, Iquitos
Cruise Details
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Passengers: 16
Ship Type: River Cruise Ship

The newly refurbished Delfin treats travelers to a step beyond luxury. She sits in a class of her own, featuring understated elegance and world-class hospitality.

The Delfin carries only 8 passengers at a time, ensuring that each traveler receives the best possible care. She is a classic river vessel that features 2 spacious deluxe suites and 2 master suites. Each suite comes with a private terrace, and the deluxe suites also come equipped with private whirlpools.

Travelers on the Delfin are treated to a magnificent on-board restaurant which features un-rivalled levels of sophistication and fine natural cuisine. The dining room is complimented with large windows, allowing travelers to watch the scenery pass as they dine. The Delfin accommodates special requests and dietary requirements, but requests must be be made at least 30 days in advance.

A casually-elegant setting on the top deck creates a welcoming and peaceful environment for travelers who want seclusion. The area features luxurious sofas ideal for star-gazing at night.

The Delfin is equipped with an entertainment center, a wide range of DVDs and reading material, and an open bar offering a variety of international and local drinks. Coffee and tea are always available.

Cabin accommodations include a mini bar, in-suite seating area with a sofa bed (may be converted into one additional bed), fine Peruvian linens (with a thread count in hundreds), environmentally-friendly amenities, and silent A/C.
Delfin's Master Suite.
Master Suite
The Master Suites are located on the second deck and feature a private deck, panoramic windows, mini-bar, in-suite seating area with a sofa bed, fine Peruvian linens, environmentally-friendly amenities, and silent A/C.
Delfin's Deluxe Master Suite.
Deluxe Suite
A Deluxe Suite features a king size bed, whirlpool, mini-bar, in-suite seating area with a sofa bed, fine Peruvian linens, environmentally-friendly amenities, and silent A/C.
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Our guide and driver were very good with their knowledge and were very helpful with our questions. It was a very pleasant visit that would have been impossible to do on our own. Hotels and restaurants were fantastic. The special places we got to go to, like the kitchens, were great. Enjoyed the entire trip!
Meyer Smolen

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