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The Fragata


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Ship Snapshots

The Fragata Exterior image of the Fragata. Relax and enjoy the view on the Fragata's deck. Enjoy a drink from the bar. Fragata's dining area. Fragata's lounge area. The bridge of the Fragata. Fragata's spacious cabins.
Enjoy a blissful snorkeling trip.

Central Islands I

4 Day Itinerary aboard Fragata
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cruise Details
Chinese Hat (Sombrero Chino) Island, Galapagos

Central Islands II

5 Day Itinerary aboard Fragata
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cruise Details
Elizabeth Bay, Isabela Island, Galapagos, Sea Lion

Central Islands III

5 Day Itinerary aboard Fragata
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cruise Details
Punto Egas, Santiago Island, Galapagos

Islands Circumnavigation I

15 Day Itinerary aboard Fragata
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cruise Details
Chinese Hat (Sombrero Chino) Island, Galapagos

Islands Circumnavigation II

15 Day Itinerary aboard Fragata
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cruise Details

North and South

8 Day Itinerary aboard Fragata
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cruise Details
Chinese Hat (Sombrero Chino) Island, Galapagos

Western Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Fragata
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cruise Details
Jul 2815Islands Circumnavigation I
Jul 288North and South
Aug 045Central Islands II
Aug 0415Islands Circumnavigation II
Aug 048Western Islands
Aug 075Central Islands III
Aug 084Central Islands I
Aug 1115Islands Circumnavigation I
Aug 118North and South
Aug 1815Islands Circumnavigation II
Aug 188Western Islands
Aug 185Central Islands II
Aug 215Central Islands III
Aug 224Central Islands I
Aug 2515Islands Circumnavigation I
Aug 258North and South
Sep 0115Islands Circumnavigation II
Sep 018Western Islands
Sep 015Central Islands II
Sep 045Central Islands III
Sep 054Central Islands I
Sep 0815Islands Circumnavigation I
Sep 088North and South
Sep 1515Islands Circumnavigation II
Sep 158Western Islands
Sep 155Central Islands II
Sep 185Central Islands III
Sep 194Central Islands I
Sep 2215Islands Circumnavigation I
Sep 228North and South
Sep 2915Islands Circumnavigation II
Sep 298Western Islands
Sep 295Central Islands II
Oct 025Central Islands III
Oct 034Central Islands I
Oct 0615Islands Circumnavigation I
Oct 068North and South
Oct 1315Islands Circumnavigation II
Oct 138Western Islands
Oct 135Central Islands II
Oct 165Central Islands III
Oct 174Central Islands I
Oct 2015Islands Circumnavigation I
Oct 208North and South
Oct 2715Islands Circumnavigation II
Oct 278Western Islands
Oct 275Central Islands II
Oct 305Central Islands III
Oct 314Central Islands I
Nov 038North and South
Nov 0315Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 1015Islands Circumnavigation II
Nov 108Western Islands
Nov 105Central Islands II
Nov 135Central Islands III
Nov 144Central Islands I
Nov 178North and South
Nov 1715Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 2415Islands Circumnavigation II
Nov 248Western Islands
Nov 245Central Islands II
Nov 275Central Islands III
Nov 284Central Islands I
Dec 018North and South
Dec 0115Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 0815Islands Circumnavigation II
Dec 088Western Islands
Dec 085Central Islands II
Dec 115Central Islands III
Dec 124Central Islands I
Dec 158North and South
Dec 2215Islands Circumnavigation II
Dec 228Western Islands
Dec 225Central Islands II
Dec 255Central Islands III
Dec 264Central Islands I
Dec 2915Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 298North and South
Jan 0515Islands Circumnavigation II
Jan 058Western Islands
Jan 055Central Islands II
Jan 085Central Islands III
Jan 094Central Islands I
Jan 128North and South
Jan 1215Islands Circumnavigation I
Jan 195Central Islands II
Jan 1915Islands Circumnavigation II
Jan 198Western Islands
Jan 225Central Islands III
Jan 234Central Islands I
Jan 268North and South
Jan 2615Islands Circumnavigation I
Feb 025Central Islands II
Feb 0215Islands Circumnavigation II
Feb 028Western Islands
Feb 055Central Islands III
Feb 064Central Islands I
Feb 0915Islands Circumnavigation I
Feb 098North and South
Feb 165Central Islands II
Feb 1615Islands Circumnavigation II
Feb 168Western Islands
Feb 195Central Islands III
Feb 204Central Islands I
Feb 2315Islands Circumnavigation I
Feb 238North and South
Mar 025Central Islands II
Mar 0215Islands Circumnavigation II
Mar 028Western Islands
Mar 055Central Islands III
Mar 064Central Islands I
Mar 0915Islands Circumnavigation I
Mar 098North and South
Mar 165Central Islands II
Mar 1615Islands Circumnavigation II
Mar 168Western Islands
Mar 195Central Islands III
Mar 204Central Islands I
Mar 2315Islands Circumnavigation I
Mar 238North and South
Mar 305Central Islands II
Mar 3015Islands Circumnavigation II
Mar 308Western Islands
Apr 025Central Islands III
Apr 034Central Islands I
Apr 0615Islands Circumnavigation I
Apr 068North and South
Apr 1315Islands Circumnavigation II
Apr 138Western Islands
Apr 135Central Islands II
Apr 165Central Islands III
Apr 174Central Islands I
Apr 2015Islands Circumnavigation I
Apr 208North and South
Apr 2715Islands Circumnavigation II
Apr 278Western Islands
Apr 275Central Islands II
Apr 305Central Islands III
May 014Central Islands I
May 0415Islands Circumnavigation I
May 048North and South
May 1115Islands Circumnavigation II
May 118Western Islands
May 115Central Islands II
May 145Central Islands III
May 154Central Islands I
May 1815Islands Circumnavigation I
May 188North and South
May 2515Islands Circumnavigation II
May 258Western Islands
May 255Central Islands II
May 285Central Islands III
May 294Central Islands I
Jun 0115Islands Circumnavigation I
Jun 018North and South
Jun 0815Islands Circumnavigation II
Jun 088Western Islands
Jun 085Central Islands II
Jun 115Central Islands III
Jun 124Central Islands I
Jun 1515Islands Circumnavigation I
Jun 158North and South
Jun 2215Islands Circumnavigation II
Jun 228Western Islands
Jun 225Central Islands II
Jun 255Central Islands III
Jun 264Central Islands I
Jun 298North and South
Jun 2915Islands Circumnavigation I
Jul 0615Islands Circumnavigation II
Jul 068Western Islands
Jul 065Central Islands II
Jul 095Central Islands III
Jul 104Central Islands I
Jul 138North and South
Jul 1315Islands Circumnavigation I
Jul 2015Islands Circumnavigation II
Jul 208Western Islands
Jul 205Central Islands II
Jul 235Central Islands III
Jul 244Central Islands I
Jul 278North and South
Jul 2715Islands Circumnavigation I
Aug 0315Islands Circumnavigation II
Aug 038Western Islands
Aug 035Central Islands II
Aug 065Central Islands III
Aug 074Central Islands I
Aug 108North and South
Aug 1015Islands Circumnavigation I
Aug 1715Islands Circumnavigation II
Aug 178Western Islands
Aug 175Central Islands II
Aug 205Central Islands III
Aug 214Central Islands I
Aug 248North and South
Aug 2415Islands Circumnavigation I
Aug 315Central Islands II
Aug 3115Islands Circumnavigation II
Aug 318Western Islands
Sep 035Central Islands III
Sep 044Central Islands I
Sep 078North and South
Sep 0715Islands Circumnavigation I
Sep 145Central Islands II
Sep 1415Islands Circumnavigation II
Sep 148Western Islands
Sep 175Central Islands III
Sep 184Central Islands I
Sep 2115Islands Circumnavigation I
Sep 218North and South
Sep 285Central Islands II
Sep 2815Islands Circumnavigation II
Sep 288Western Islands
Oct 015Central Islands III
Oct 024Central Islands I
Oct 0515Islands Circumnavigation I
Oct 058North and South
Oct 125Central Islands II
Oct 1215Islands Circumnavigation II
Oct 128Western Islands
Oct 155Central Islands III
Oct 164Central Islands I
Oct 1915Islands Circumnavigation I
Oct 198North and South
Oct 265Central Islands II
Oct 2615Islands Circumnavigation II
Oct 268Western Islands
Oct 295Central Islands III
Oct 304Central Islands I
Nov 0215Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 028North and South
Nov 095Central Islands II
Nov 0915Islands Circumnavigation II
Nov 098Western Islands
Nov 125Central Islands III
Nov 134Central Islands I
Nov 1615Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 168North and South
Nov 2315Islands Circumnavigation II
Nov 238Western Islands
Nov 235Central Islands II
Nov 265Central Islands III
Nov 274Central Islands I
Nov 3015Islands Circumnavigation I
Nov 308North and South
Dec 0715Islands Circumnavigation II
Dec 078Western Islands
Dec 075Central Islands II
Dec 105Central Islands III
Dec 114Central Islands I
Dec 1415Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 148North and South
Dec 2115Islands Circumnavigation II
Dec 218Western Islands
Dec 215Central Islands II
Dec 245Central Islands III
Dec 254Central Islands I
Dec 2815Islands Circumnavigation I
Dec 288North and South
Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

Discover the Galapagos Islands aboard the Fragata. Built specifically to cruise the Galapagos Islands, the Fragata is equipped to provide comfortable cruising, fine dining and attentive service. She offers a blend of spaciousness, comfort and elegance, to make your Galapagos cruise a memorable experience.

The Fragata welcomes you on board and invites you to discover the primeval flora and fauna of the Galapagos archipelago. The yacht allows the visitor access to coves and inlets that are inaccessible to the larger ships, with flexibility of itinerary and ample opportunity for sun-bathing on an isolated beach or snorkeling with sea lions.

Amenities on board the Fragata
Guests aboard the Fragata will enjoy the attractive teak interior and attention to every detail. Her spacious interior is fully air-conditioned, from the comfortable lounge with large panoramic windows, stereo and TV/VCR, to the elegant dining hall. The Fragata also offers her 16 guests a bar, inviting living room, small library, spacious sundecks, and diving platform.

The galley serves fine meals with a blend of international and Ecuadorian cuisine on a luxurious setting. The Fragata's numerous sun decks are both shaded and open - in a word: perfect for lounging around or drying off after snorkeling or diving among penguins and sea lions.

Your experienced naturalist bilingual guide will introduce you to the astonishing Galapagos flora and fauna. Trekking, swimming, snorkeling are some of the complementary activities offered on board. The Fragata carries full snorkel equipment for all of her passengers.

20 years of experience and a top qualified crew (captain, naturalist bilingual guide, cook, assistant of cook, barman, engineer and two sailors) guarantee safety, seriousness and comfort, preserving the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands, considered Heritage of the Humanity.

Fragata Accommodations
The Fragata accommodates 16 passengers in eight cozy double and single cabins, all decorated and equipped to provide a relaxed cruise in the islands. All of the comfortable cabins are fully carpeted and have private bath facilities with toilet, shower, hot water, washbasin and vanity.
Fragata's cabins.
Lower Deck Cabins
Lower Deck cabins with private bath facilities, carpet and air conditioning
Comfortable accommodations for 16 passengers
Upper Deck Cabins
Upper Deck cabins with private bath facilities, carpet and air conditioning
Deck Plan
Change & customize to make it yours.
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