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Galaxy exterior Relax on the top deck of the Galaxy on your Galapapgos cruise Cruise the Galapagos on the Galaxy ship Cruise the Galapagos on the Galaxy ship Enjoy fine dining aboard the Galaxy on your Galapagos cruise Enjoy the full service bar with soft drinks and alcholic beverage choices Cruise the Galapagos on the Galaxy ship Cruise the Galapagos on the Galaxy ship
White tipped shark

Central and Western Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Take a Galapagos cruise around the Central and Western islands to snorkel with sea lions, admire lava lizards, and view the famous Galapagos tortoises.
Cruise Details
South Plaza Island

Islands Circumavigation

15 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Take an islands circumnavigation on your Galapagos tour. This enriching trip takes travelers around the islands of the Galapagos and provides unique and close encounters with sea lions, sharks, and birdlife.
Cruise Details
View from Bartolome Island

North & South Islands

10 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
The North and South islands of the Galapagos archipelago introduce travelers to sea lions, diverse vegetation, and once-in-a-lifetime snorkel opportunities with marine life.
Cruise Details
Lions Head, San Cristobal

Northeast Islands

4 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
  • Walk Santiago's black lava flow
  • Learn about Galapagos conservation
  • Snorkel Bartolome Island
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Journey to the Galapagos Islands and sail aboard the Galaxy for an archipelago introduction. Explore the islands, meet and swim with playful sea lions, and encounter the numerous species of birds which inhabit this tropical location.
Cruise Details
Darwin Finch

Northern Islands

6 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Take a 6-day Galapagos cruise and view the unique landscape, unparalleled wildlife, and varied activities of the Galapagos Islands.
Cruise Details
Pinnacle rock in Bartolome

Northwest Islands

11 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark on a Galapagos adventure aboard the Galaxy. Experience close encounters with sea turtles, bird life, sea lions, and the occasional shark.
Cruise Details
iguana amid the algae

Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise

on the Galaxy - 5 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
  • Snorkel with fish & sea lions
  • Mail a letter from Post Office Bay
  • Learn about island conservation
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Board the Galaxy in San Cristobal and set sail for your 5-day all-inclusive cruise around the southern islands of the Galapagos. Become acquainted with the local wildlife as you snorkel alongside playful sea lions and through schools of colorful fish. Send a postcard back home from Post Office Bay …
Cruise Details
Galapagos stingray

Southwest Islands

10 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Experience the best of the Galapagos on a Southwest Islands tour. Snorkel, hike, and play as you cruise through sea lion colonies and experience the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos.
Cruise Details

Western Islands

6 Day Itinerary aboard Galaxy
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Explore the Galapagos Islands on-board the Galaxy. Sail through the western islands and play with sea lions, snorkel with a variety of fish, and relax on sandy beaches.
Cruise Details
Jun 244Northeast Islands
Jun 275Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jun 2715Islands Circumavigation
Jun 2710Southwest Islands
Jul 016Western Islands
Jul 0111Northwest Islands
Jul 018Central and Western Islands
Jul 066Northern Islands
Jul 0610North & South Islands
Jul 084Northeast Islands
Jul 115Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jul 1115Islands Circumavigation
Jul 1110Southwest Islands
Jul 156Western Islands
Jul 1511Northwest Islands
Jul 158Central and Western Islands
Jul 206Northern Islands
Jul 2010North & South Islands
Jul 224Northeast Islands
Jul 2510Southwest Islands
Jul 255Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jul 2515Islands Circumavigation
Jul 296Western Islands
Jul 2911Northwest Islands
Jul 298Central and Western Islands
Aug 036Northern Islands
Aug 0310North & South Islands
Aug 054Northeast Islands
Aug 0810Southwest Islands
Aug 085Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Aug 0815Islands Circumavigation
Aug 128Central and Western Islands
Aug 126Western Islands
Aug 1211Northwest Islands
Aug 1710North & South Islands
Aug 176Northern Islands
Aug 194Northeast Islands
Aug 2210Southwest Islands
Aug 225Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Aug 2215Islands Circumavigation
Aug 2611Northwest Islands
Aug 268Central and Western Islands
Aug 266Western Islands
Aug 3110North & South Islands
Aug 316Northern Islands
Oct 0711Northwest Islands
Oct 078Central and Western Islands
Oct 076Western Islands
Oct 1210North & South Islands
Oct 126Northern Islands
Oct 144Northeast Islands
Oct 1710Southwest Islands
Oct 175Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Oct 1715Islands Circumavigation
Oct 2111Northwest Islands
Oct 218Central and Western Islands
Oct 216Western Islands
Oct 2610North & South Islands
Oct 266Northern Islands
Oct 284Northeast Islands
Oct 315Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Oct 3110Southwest Islands
Oct 3115Islands Circumavigation
Nov 0411Northwest Islands
Nov 048Central and Western Islands
Nov 046Western Islands
Nov 0910North & South Islands
Nov 096Northern Islands
Nov 114Northeast Islands
Nov 1410Southwest Islands
Nov 145Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Nov 1415Islands Circumavigation
Nov 186Western Islands
Nov 1811Northwest Islands
Nov 188Central and Western Islands
Nov 2310North & South Islands
Nov 236Northern Islands
Nov 254Northeast Islands
Nov 2810Southwest Islands
Nov 285Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Nov 2815Islands Circumavigation
Dec 026Western Islands
Dec 0211Northwest Islands
Dec 028Central and Western Islands
Dec 0710North & South Islands
Dec 076Northern Islands
Dec 094Northeast Islands
Dec 1215Islands Circumavigation
Dec 1210Southwest Islands
Dec 125Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Dec 1611Northwest Islands
Dec 166Western Islands
Dec 168Central and Western Islands
Dec 216Northern Islands
Dec 2110North & South Islands
Dec 234Northeast Islands
Dec 3011Northwest Islands
Dec 306Western Islands
Dec 308Central and Western Islands
Dec 3010Southwest Islands
Jan 0410North & South Islands
Jan 046Northern Islands
Jan 064Northeast Islands
Jan 0915Islands Circumavigation
Jan 0910Southwest Islands
Jan 095Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jan 136Western Islands
Jan 1311Northwest Islands
Jan 138Central and Western Islands
Jan 1810North & South Islands
Jan 186Northern Islands
Jan 204Northeast Islands
Jan 2315Islands Circumavigation
Jan 2310Southwest Islands
Jan 235Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jan 276Western Islands
Jan 2711Northwest Islands
Jan 278Central and Western Islands
Feb 0110North & South Islands
Feb 016Northern Islands
Feb 034Northeast Islands
Feb 0615Islands Circumavigation
Feb 0610Southwest Islands
Feb 065Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Feb 106Western Islands
Feb 1011Northwest Islands
Feb 108Central and Western Islands
Feb 1510North & South Islands
Feb 156Northern Islands
Feb 174Northeast Islands
Feb 2015Islands Circumavigation
Feb 2010Southwest Islands
Feb 205Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Feb 246Western Islands
Feb 2411Northwest Islands
Feb 248Central and Western Islands
Mar 016Northern Islands
Mar 0110North & South Islands
Mar 034Northeast Islands
Mar 0615Islands Circumavigation
Mar 0610Southwest Islands
Mar 065Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Mar 106Western Islands
Mar 1011Northwest Islands
Mar 108Central and Western Islands
Mar 156Northern Islands
Mar 1510North & South Islands
Mar 174Northeast Islands
Mar 2015Islands Circumavigation
Mar 2010Southwest Islands
Mar 205Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Mar 246Western Islands
Mar 2411Northwest Islands
Mar 248Central and Western Islands
Mar 296Northern Islands
Mar 2910North & South Islands
Mar 314Northeast Islands
Apr 035Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Apr 0315Islands Circumavigation
Apr 0310Southwest Islands
Apr 076Western Islands
Apr 0711Northwest Islands
Apr 078Central and Western Islands
Apr 126Northern Islands
Apr 1210North & South Islands
Apr 144Northeast Islands
Apr 175Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Apr 1715Islands Circumavigation
Apr 1710Southwest Islands
Apr 218Central and Western Islands
Apr 216Western Islands
Apr 2111Northwest Islands
Apr 2610North & South Islands
Apr 266Northern Islands
Apr 284Northeast Islands
May 015Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
May 0115Islands Circumavigation
May 0110Southwest Islands
May 058Central and Western Islands
May 056Western Islands
May 0511Northwest Islands
May 1010North & South Islands
May 106Northern Islands
May 124Northeast Islands
May 155Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
May 1515Islands Circumavigation
May 1510Southwest Islands
May 198Central and Western Islands
May 196Western Islands
May 1911Northwest Islands
May 2410North & South Islands
May 246Northern Islands
May 264Northeast Islands
May 295Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
May 2915Islands Circumavigation
May 2910Southwest Islands
Jun 0211Northwest Islands
Jun 028Central and Western Islands
Jun 026Western Islands
Jun 0710North & South Islands
Jun 076Northern Islands
Jun 094Northeast Islands
Jun 125Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jun 1215Islands Circumavigation
Jun 1210Southwest Islands
Jun 1611Northwest Islands
Jun 168Central and Western Islands
Jun 166Western Islands
Jun 2110North & South Islands
Jun 216Northern Islands
Jun 234Northeast Islands
Jun 2610Southwest Islands
Jun 265Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jun 2615Islands Circumavigation
Jun 306Western Islands
Jun 3011Northwest Islands
Jun 308Central and Western Islands
Jul 0510North & South Islands
Jul 056Northern Islands
Jul 074Northeast Islands
Jul 1015Islands Circumavigation
Jul 1010Southwest Islands
Jul 105Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jul 146Western Islands
Jul 1411Northwest Islands
Jul 148Central and Western Islands
Jul 1910North & South Islands
Jul 196Northern Islands
Jul 214Northeast Islands
Jul 2415Islands Circumavigation
Jul 2410Southwest Islands
Jul 245Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Jul 286Western Islands
Jul 2811Northwest Islands
Jul 288Central and Western Islands
Aug 0210North & South Islands
Aug 026Northern Islands
Aug 044Northeast Islands
Aug 0715Islands Circumavigation
Aug 0710Southwest Islands
Aug 075Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Aug 116Western Islands
Aug 1111Northwest Islands
Aug 118Central and Western Islands
Aug 1610North & South Islands
Aug 166Northern Islands
Aug 184Northeast Islands
Aug 2115Islands Circumavigation
Aug 2110Southwest Islands
Aug 215Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Aug 256Western Islands
Aug 2511Northwest Islands
Aug 258Central and Western Islands
Aug 3010North & South Islands
Aug 306Northern Islands
Sep 014Northeast Islands
Sep 0415Islands Circumavigation
Sep 0410Southwest Islands
Sep 045Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Sep 086Western Islands
Sep 0811Northwest Islands
Sep 088Central and Western Islands
Sep 1310North & South Islands
Sep 136Northern Islands
Sep 154Northeast Islands
Sep 1815Islands Circumavigation
Sep 1810Southwest Islands
Sep 185Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Sep 226Western Islands
Sep 2211Northwest Islands
Sep 228Central and Western Islands
Sep 2710North & South Islands
Sep 276Northern Islands
Sep 294Northeast Islands
Oct 0215Islands Circumavigation
Oct 0210Southwest Islands
Oct 025Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Oct 066Western Islands
Oct 0611Northwest Islands
Oct 068Central and Western Islands
Oct 116Northern Islands
Oct 1110North & South Islands
Oct 134Northeast Islands
Oct 1615Islands Circumavigation
Oct 1610Southwest Islands
Oct 165Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Oct 206Western Islands
Oct 2011Northwest Islands
Oct 208Central and Western Islands
Oct 256Northern Islands
Oct 2510North & South Islands
Oct 274Northeast Islands
Oct 3015Islands Circumavigation
Oct 3010Southwest Islands
Oct 305Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Nov 036Western Islands
Nov 0311Northwest Islands
Nov 038Central and Western Islands
Nov 086Northern Islands
Nov 0810North & South Islands
Nov 104Northeast Islands
Nov 135Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Nov 1315Islands Circumavigation
Nov 1310Southwest Islands
Nov 176Western Islands
Nov 1711Northwest Islands
Nov 178Central and Western Islands
Nov 226Northern Islands
Nov 2210North & South Islands
Nov 244Northeast Islands
Nov 275Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Nov 2715Islands Circumavigation
Nov 2710Southwest Islands
Dec 018Central and Western Islands
Dec 016Western Islands
Dec 0111Northwest Islands
Dec 0610North & South Islands
Dec 066Northern Islands
Dec 084Northeast Islands
Dec 115Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Dec 1115Islands Circumavigation
Dec 1110Southwest Islands
Dec 158Central and Western Islands
Dec 156Western Islands
Dec 1511Northwest Islands
Dec 2010North & South Islands
Dec 206Northern Islands
Dec 224Northeast Islands
Dec 255Southern Galapagos Islands Cruise
Dec 2515Islands Circumavigation
Dec 2510Southwest Islands
Dec 298Central and Western Islands
Dec 296Western Islands
Dec 2911Northwest Islands
Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

The Galaxy yacht boasts beautiful woodwork, air conditioning, spacious cabins, and all of the amenities that make for an upscale Galapagos cruise. Carrying 16 passengers in nine elegant cabins, let the Galaxy transport you out of this world and into the fascinating world of the Galapagos.

Galaxy Facilities and Amenities
The Galaxy offers her guests an elegant dining room, spacious bar and lounge, coffee station with tea, coffee, herbal infusions, and drinkable water all the time, TV and DVD, a cozy library and ample sundeck. Snorkels, fins, and masks are included.

Guests will find a bottle of water in their cabin the first day. This bottle can be refilled with fresh water from the dispenser placed in the lounge and is for the guests use while on board and to carry when on land.

Lounge services: A variety of table games, videos and books for are available for passengers enjoyment.

Bar service: The Galaxy offers variety of sodas, cocktails, and liquors; alcoholic drinks are additional. Please inquire on board for prices.

Safety Boxes: Each cabin includes a private safety box for valuable belongings; guests should not hesitate to use it and ask the crew members about it.

Accommodations on board the Galaxy
16 guests aboard the elegant Galaxy are accommodated in nine beautiful and comfortable double cabins with lower beds and outside views. Three cabins are located on the lower deck, three on the main deck and three on the upper deck. All cabins feature private bathrooms, cold/hot water; air conditioning, hair dryer, telephone for internal communication on board, and high speaker.

Galapagos Conservation
The Galaxy is a sustainable operator involved with the Islands conservation. The Galaxy feels responsible and committed to the conservation work in the beautiful Galapagos archipelago. The professional team on board is constantly working to make any stay on board in the Galaxy Yacht the best experience imaginable.
Relax in your spacious suite on the Galaxy
Lower Deck
Comfortable cabins with lower beds and port hole windows. Cabins have private bathrooms with hot/cold water and air conditioning.
Cruise the Galapagos on the Galaxy ship
Main Deck
Comfortable cabins with lower beds and large windows. Cabins have private bathrooms with hot/cold water and air conditioning.
Cruise the Galapagos on the Galaxy ship
Upper Deck
Comfortable cabins with lower beds and large windows. Cabins have private bathrooms with hot/cold water and air conditioning.
Galaxy deck plan
Change & customize to make it yours.
Kassandra Miller
Kassandra M

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Our guide and driver were very good with their knowledge and were very helpful with our questions. It was a very pleasant visit that would have been impossible to do on our own. Hotels and restaurants were fantastic. The special places we got to go to, like the kitchens, were great. Enjoyed the entire trip!
Meyer Smolen

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