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The Luxurious M/V Anakonda sails the Amazon

M/V Anakonda

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The Luxurious M/V Anakonda sails the Amazon Enjoy fine dining aboard the M/V Anakonda A spacious twin room on the M/V Anakonda Relax in the sitting lounge aboard the M/V Anakonda Enjoy fine dining aboard the M/V Anakonda An excuisite meal aboard the M/V Anakonda Walk the elegant outdoor decks of the M/V Anakonda A relaxing and spacious lounge aboard the M/V Anakonda
View the abundant wildlife of the Amazon

Amazon Discovery

5 Day Itinerary aboard M/V Anakonda
Activities: Rainforest Exploration, River Cruises, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Board the M/V Anakonda for this fascinating 5-day itinerary on the Amazon river. Visit remote villages and sail through unique and fragile ecosystems on your luxurious small-ship voyage.
Cruise Details
A vibrant frog in the Amazon

Amazon Exploration

4 Day Itinerary aboard M/V Anakonda
  • Watch for pink river dolphins
  • Visit a parrot clay lick
  • Learn the indigenous way of life
Activities: Light Hiking, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruises, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Explore the Ecuadorian Amazon on this 4 day cruise aboard the M/V Anakonda. Sail through the Panayacu River Delta to Yasuni National Park, home to the largest Parrot Clay Lick in the Amazon. Visit with the Kichwa women to hear about their customs and everyday life. Walk and canoe along the banks of …
Cruise Details
The breathtaking Amazon River

Authentic Amazon

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/V Anakonda
Activities: Kayaking, Light Hiking, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruises, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Board the M/V Anakonda for this fascinating 8-day itinerary on the Amazon river. Visit remote villages and sail through unique and fragile ecosystems on your luxurious small-ship voyage.
Cruise Details
A spider monkey in the Amazon

Ultimate Amazon

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/V Anakonda
Activities: Kayaking, Light Hiking, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruises, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Board the M/V Anakonda for this fascinating 8-day itinerary on the Amazon river. Visit remote villages and sail through unique and fragile ecosystems on your luxurious small-ship voyage.
Cruise Details
Dec 078Ultimate Amazon
Dec 075Amazon Discovery
Dec 114Amazon Exploration
Dec 118Authentic Amazon
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Jan 014Amazon Exploration
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Jan 084Amazon Exploration
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Jan 115Amazon Discovery
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Jan 154Amazon Exploration
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Mar 124Amazon Exploration
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Mar 194Amazon Exploration
Mar 198Authentic Amazon
Mar 228Ultimate Amazon
Mar 225Amazon Discovery
Mar 264Amazon Exploration
Mar 268Authentic Amazon
Mar 298Ultimate Amazon
Mar 295Amazon Discovery
Apr 024Amazon Exploration
Apr 028Authentic Amazon
Apr 055Amazon Discovery
Apr 058Ultimate Amazon
Apr 094Amazon Exploration
Apr 098Authentic Amazon
Apr 125Amazon Discovery
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Apr 164Amazon Exploration
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Apr 195Amazon Discovery
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Apr 234Amazon Exploration
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Apr 265Amazon Discovery
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Apr 304Amazon Exploration
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May 035Amazon Discovery
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May 074Amazon Exploration
May 105Amazon Discovery
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May 144Amazon Exploration
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May 214Amazon Exploration
May 245Amazon Discovery
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May 284Amazon Exploration
May 315Amazon Discovery
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Jun 048Authentic Amazon
Jun 044Amazon Exploration
Jun 078Ultimate Amazon
Jun 075Amazon Discovery
Jun 118Authentic Amazon
Jun 114Amazon Exploration
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Jun 184Amazon Exploration
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Jun 254Amazon Exploration
Jun 258Authentic Amazon
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Jun 285Amazon Discovery
Jul 024Amazon Exploration
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Dec 208Ultimate Amazon
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Dec 244Amazon Exploration
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Dec 318Authentic Amazon
Dec 314Amazon Exploration
Passengers: 40
Ship Type: River Cruise Ship

The M/V Anakonda is the only luxury cruise liner in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Guests are delighted with its beautiful interior and intimate explorations of the region.

The ship features 18 suites, each totaling between 215-258 square feet. Suites are well-equipped with air conditioning and 24-hour electricity, and each offers a private bathroom with hot water and all necessary amenities.

To accommodate families, Anakonda also offers four interconnected suites.

Passengers can socialize in the dining room, bar, observation deck with outdoor Jacuzzi, and in the al fresco lounge. There is also a small boutique where travelers can purchase souvenirs. Guests are assisted by the M/V Anakonda's 25-person crew, which includes a concierge, purser, paramedic, 4 skilled nature guides, and 4 local guides.

The M/V Anakonda offers Glamping (glamorous camping), a new and unique opportunity in the Amazon. Glamping allows travelers to camp in the middle of the rainforest with luxurious commodities. Each campsite is fully sealed and located above the ground on a wooden platform. Equipped with comfortable beds, charming rustic furniture and superior service, guests are able to enjoy gourmet meals, champagne and hot showers after a day of exploring the Amazon. Space is limited to a maximum capacity of 8 guests per embarkation date.

Built: 2013
Port of Embarkation: Coca, Ecuador
Vessel Registry: Ecuador
Style of Vessel: River Expedition Vessel
Length: 148 feet / 45 m
Draft: 5 feet / 1.5 m
Gross Tonnage: 280 tons
Cruising Speed: 12 knots
Electricity: 110 / 220 volts
Engines: 2 John Deere 435 HP Marine Engines
Generators: 2 x 80 KVA John Deer
Water: 10000-liter water treatment plant
Safety: GPS tracking by the Ecuadorian Navy, Radio communication with separate battery pack, satellite phone, life jackets, flares and signals, sprinklers and smoke detectors in each cabin, automatic defibrillator on board.
Launch Boats: Three fiberglass ecologic canoes equipped with four-stroke low emission engines; constant radio communications with the main vessel. Each canoe has a capacity of 30 passengers.
Relax in your standard suite aboard the Anakonda.
14 outside facing suites.
A spacious deluxe twin room on the Anakonda.
4 outside facing suites with balconies.
The deck plan of the Anakonda.
Change & customize to make it yours.
Kassandra Miller
Kassandra M

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