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MS Amalyra

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Sunrise on the cliffs

Paris & Normandy

10 Day Itinerary aboard MS Amalyra
  • Join delightful wine tastings
  • Discover the historic Honfleur
  • Explore the beaches of Normandy
  • Admire the famous museums of Paris
Activities: Hiking, Wine Tasting
Activity Level: Relaxed
Navigate along the enchanting Seine through France's most inspiring destinations, aboard the luxurious MS Amalyra. Let the culture, traditions, history and art of France captivate you as you enjoy the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere on board. Begin your river cruise experience in magical …
Cruise Details
The gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral towers over the streets of Paris
Save $1000

Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only

8 Day Itinerary aboard MS Amalyra
  • Visit the Chateau de Bizy
  • Enjoy cider and wine tastings
  • Tour Honfleur
  • See the beaches of Normandy
  • Explore Paris
Activities: Hiking, River Cruise, Wine Tasting
Activity Level: Relaxed
Begin your European tour in magical Paris, the “City of Light,” where you embark upon your luxurious river cruise ship, MS Amalyra. Visit Honfleur, a charming French harbor town immortalized by generations of artists. Stroll through Rouen, the historic capital of Normandy, then take an …
Cruise Details
Mar 2310Paris & Normandy
Mar 238Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Mar 3010Paris & Normandy
Mar 308Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Apr 068Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Apr 0610Paris & Normandy
Apr 138Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Apr 1310Paris & Normandy
Apr 278Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Apr 2710Paris & Normandy
May 048Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
May 0410Paris & Normandy
May 1110Paris & Normandy
May 118Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
May 1810Paris & Normandy
May 188Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
May 2510Paris & Normandy
May 258Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 0110Paris & Normandy
Jun 018Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 0810Paris & Normandy
Jun 088Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 1510Paris & Normandy
Jun 158Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 228Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 2210Paris & Normandy
Jul 068Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jul 0610Paris & Normandy
Jul 138Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jul 1310Paris & Normandy
Jul 208Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jul 2010Paris & Normandy
Jul 278Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jul 2710Paris & Normandy
Aug 038Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Aug 0310Paris & Normandy
Aug 108Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Aug 1010Paris & Normandy
Aug 178Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Aug 1710Paris & Normandy
Aug 318Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Aug 3110Paris & Normandy
Sep 078Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Sep 0710Paris & Normandy
Sep 148Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Sep 1410Paris & Normandy
Sep 288Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Sep 2810Paris & Normandy
Oct 058Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Oct 0510Paris & Normandy
Oct 1210Paris & Normandy
Oct 128Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Oct 198Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Oct 1910Paris & Normandy
Oct 268Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Oct 2610Paris & Normandy
Nov 0210Paris & Normandy
Nov 028Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Nov 0910Paris & Normandy
Nov 098Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Mar 2210Paris & Normandy
Mar 228Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Mar 2910Paris & Normandy
Mar 298Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Apr 058Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Apr 0510Paris & Normandy
Apr 128Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Apr 1210Paris & Normandy
Apr 268Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Apr 2610Paris & Normandy
May 038Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
May 0310Paris & Normandy
May 1010Paris & Normandy
May 108Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
May 1710Paris & Normandy
May 178Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
May 2410Paris & Normandy
May 248Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 0710Paris & Normandy
Jun 078Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 218Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 2110Paris & Normandy
Jun 288Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jun 2810Paris & Normandy
Jul 058Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jul 0510Paris & Normandy
Jul 198Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Jul 1910Paris & Normandy
Aug 0210Paris & Normandy
Aug 028Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Aug 098Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Aug 0910Paris & Normandy
Aug 168Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Aug 1610Paris & Normandy
Aug 308Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Aug 3010Paris & Normandy
Sep 068Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Sep 0610Paris & Normandy
Oct 048Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Oct 0410Paris & Normandy
Oct 118Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Oct 1110Paris & Normandy
Oct 188Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Oct 1810Paris & Normandy
Oct 258Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Oct 2510Paris & Normandy
Nov 0110Paris & Normandy
Nov 018Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Nov 0810Paris & Normandy
Nov 088Paris & Normandy - Cruise Only
Passengers: 148
Ship Type: River Cruise Ship

Launched in 2008, the MS Amalyra is part of the newest, state-of-the-art fleet of river cruise vessels in Europe. This vessel sets new standards in European river cruising and offers a number of features which no other European river cruise ship can match. The MS Amalyra carries 148 passengers in unequaled luxury, comfort and style and is staffed by a highly-trained professional crew, with an ongoing emphasis on personal service.

This vessel features an array of amenities specifically designed for comfort, convenience and luxury on the great waterways of Europe.

The latest high-tech features onboard:

BICYCLES: Each ship has plenty of bicycles onboard which can be used by passengers, free of charge, to explore the small towns. Most regions offer well-maintained bicycle paths along the river.

WELLNESS AREA: Located in the aft area of the Violin Deck, this generously designed space includes a glassed-in fitness room, massage and beauty salon; the aft lounge with modern wicker furniture and French doors to enjoy the fresh river air.

ELEVATOR: Each ship has an elevator, which very few river cruise ships feature. The elevator reaches four different levels: the Restaurant level (1), the Staterooms on the Cello Deck (2), the Lobby and Panorama Lounge (3) and the Staterooms on the Violin Deck (4).

INFOTAINMENT SYSTEMS: Every stateroom is equipped with monitor, keyboard with Internet access, English language TV stations, a large movie selection and numerous music programs. Our satellite telephone system allows you to call home for a nominal fee.

STATEROOMS: Inside your exquisitely decorated stateroom, you'll find all the amenities of a fine hotel with white-on-white plush bedding, a cozy sitting area, Infotainment System, hair dryer, safe, terry bathrobes, individually controlled air-conditioning and ample closet space. All staterooms and Jr. Suites are outside; over 82% feature large French balconies, which are a true delight when relaxing in your stateroom.

JUNIOR SUITES: Although rarely found on European river cruise ships, Junior Suites aboard our ships are extra spacious at 255 square feet. They feature a comfortable sitting area with a sofa and two chairs, floor-to-ceiling windows with French balconies and luxurious, extra spacious bathrooms with bathtubs and showers. The suites sell quickly, so early reservations are recommended.

Technical Data
Built: 2009
Built in: Holland
Length: 360 feet
Width: 38 feet
Crew: 41 (European)
Staterooms: 71
Jr. Suites: 4
Ship Registry: Built in Switzerland
Home port: Basel
Cat E
170 sq. feet. 5 cabins on Piano Deck. Fixed twin windows, sitting area, Infotainment system, safe, hair dryer, bathrobes, A/C, ample closet space. #108-113.
Cat D
170 sq. feet. 7 cabins on Piano Deck. Fixed twin windows, sitting area, Infotainment system, safe, hair dryer, bathrobes, A/C, ample closet space. #101-107.
Cat C
170 sq. feet. 4 cabins on
Cello Deck. 4 cabins on Violin Deck. French balcony, sitting area, Infotainment system, safe, hair dryer, bathrobes, A/C, ample closet space. #225-230.
Cat B
170 sq. feet. 26 cabins on
Cello Deck. 4 cabins on Violin Deck. French balcony, sitting area, Infotainment system, safe, hair dryer, bathrobes, A/C, ample closet space. #201-224.
Cat A
170 sq. feet. 20 cabins on
Violin Deck. French balcony, sitting area, Infotainment system, safe, hair dryer, bathrobes, A/C, ample closet space. #305-332.
170 sq. feet. 1 cabin on
Violin Deck. French balcony, sitting area, Infotainment system, safe, hair dryer, bathrobes, A/C, ample closet space. #223, 221
255 sq. feet. 3 cabins on
Violin Deck. French balcony, sitting area, bathtub and shower, Infotainment system, safe, hair dryer, bathrobes, A/C, ample closet space. #310-304.
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Our guide and driver were very good with their knowledge and were very helpful with our questions. It was a very pleasant visit that would have been impossible to do on our own. Hotels and restaurants were fantastic. The special places we got to go to, like the kitchens, were great. Enjoyed the entire trip!
Meyer Smolen
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